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The Circle Of The Archangels


From time immemorial, the Essenes have been known for their knowledge of the Angels and the Archangels. Their pure and genuine contact is the source of all their knowledge. The Circle of the Archangels allows each one to benefit from this know–how entirely adapted to modern life. It is also an introduction to longer training programmes, especially in Essene Therapy.
The Essene year is a circle, punctuated with four major celebrations.
To enter the Circle of the Archangels, all you have to do is unite with the Angel of your choice during one of the celebrations.

Between these big rendezvous, three months of very simple individual practice enabling one to study the Essene wisdom, and get closer to one’s Angel.
It takes place once in the morning, and once in the evening. It takes just a few minutes, and can be done by all, very simply.
After lighting a candle, a sacred movement allows to harmonize one’s energies with one’s Angel. In his presence, the word of the Archangels is read to connect oneself to one’s Divine force. One can thus find strength and serenity daily, and in addition benefit from all the Angelic energies worked by the Essenes.

In daily life, the Circle of the Archangels is a moment of privileged reconnection that soon becomes indispensable to refocus. The Angel of the Circle of the Archangels is a protection and a help. His energy also allows to understand the meaning of one’s life, the mission of one’s soul. In a path of personal evolution, it is an extraordinary force to harmonize, transform, heal, and go beyond all our limits. It is an open door to another reality that makes life more beautiful.
The Circle of the Archangels is an experience, a practical path of discoveries and happiness. It allows each one to enter into contact with a world of purity, wisdom and love. It is an experience that is unique in the world, a great human adventure in which sharing, friendship, trust, hope, meeting, respect, discovery find their whole meaning. Such an opportunity is not to be missed!

The Essene year is a circle, punctuated with 4 major celebrations.

Heavenly angels, often referred to as guardian angels, are mentioned numerous times in the Scriptures. Therein we learn that angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve him, and sent by God to watch over the human race, to deliver his message, to guard and protect us from danger, to do battle with other spiritual beings on our behalf.

Since the beginning of time, angels have delivered God's messages to mankind.

Double Digit Numbers and the Angels

Number Sequences From The Angels


The angels do their best to get our attention and to communicate with us. In this way, they help us heal our own lives. However, we often discount the signs they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination. The angels say: “We can’t write our messages to you in the sky. You’ve got to pay attention and believe when you see any patterns forming in your life – especially in response to any questions or prayers you’ve posed. When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same number sequence, who do you think is behind this? Your angels, of course!”

Number Sequences

Your angels often communicate messages to you by showing you sequences of numbers. They do this in two ways. First, they subtly whisper in your ear so you’ll look up in time to notice the clock’s time or a phone number on a billboard. The angels hope you’ll be aware that you’re seeing this same number sequence repeatedly. For instance, you may frequently see the number sequence 111, and it seems every time you look at a clock the time reads 1:11 or 11:11.

The second way in which angels show you meaningful number sequences is by physically arranging for, say, a car to drive in front of you that has a specific license plate number they want you to see. Those who are aware of this phenomenon become adept at reading the meaning of various license plates. In this way, the angels will actually give you detailed messages. Here are the basic meanings of various number sequences. However, your own angels will tell you if your situation holds a different meaning for you. Ask your angels, “What are you trying to tell me?” and they’ll happily give you additional information to help decode their numeric meanings.

111– Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts).

222 – Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.

333 – The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

444 – The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.

555 – Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative,” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

666 – Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. Like the famous “Sermon on the Mount,” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.

777 – The angels applaud you…congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true. This is an extremely positive sign and means you should also expect more miracles to occur.

888 – A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare. This number sequence may mean you are winding up an emotional career, or relationship phase. It also means there is light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, it means, “The crops are ripe. Don’t wait to pick and enjoy them.” In other words, don’t procrastinate making your move or enjoying fruits of your labor.

999 – Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life. Also, it is a message to lightworkers involved in Earth healing and means, “Get to work because Mother Earth needs you right now.”

000 – A reminder you are one with God, and to feel the presence of your Creator’s love within you. Also, it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle.

Source of reference Doreen Virtue books

Angels of the Month ~ Birthday Angels

Have you ever wondered what the angel of the month is? Birthday angels, find out about the angel of the month you were born here. Find out what qualities your birth month angel has and how your angel can help you. Learn to work with the angel of the month so that they can help you in all that you do, our angels can help us in many ways.


Angel of the Month Ambriel

This blessed angel inspires clear communication to awaken our spirit and helps guide our consciousness toward inner truth. Gently guiding human beings toward a time when truth and clarity will be the universal norm.

Ambriel is also known as a protective angel. Ambriel presides over the sun sign of Gemini and the month of May.

Those born in May pray to Ambriel for special blessings and protection.


Angel of the Month Muriel

Muriel is the Angel for the month of June and ruler of the sign Cancer. Muriel is also one of the rulers of the order of dominations. He also serves as one of the chief angelic officers of the third hour of the day.

June is a month of new beginnings. Graduates face a future of limitless possibilities; young couples leave the altar to begin a lifetime of happiness together. In June, everything is fresh and new. The Junes in life are to be cherished, for seldom are things in such perfect harmony.

The year itself is in balance ~ you have a choice: the next six months can follow the same course as the past six ~ or you can forge the path of a new beginning. If you've chosen to embark on a new journey, Muriel will help light your way.


Angel of the Month Verchiel

July is filled with the sign of Leo. It is time to appreciate all that we have around us - the everyday miracles ~ trees, butterflies, birds, blue skies, flowers, fresh water, friends & family ~ what can we buy that is more precious than any one of these? It is easy to get wrapped up in today’s material consumption, so let us not forget what we are thankful for.

Verchiel encourages individuals to take time for leisure, to step back and observe what has been achieved, be happy, to play and replenish our energy. July is a good time to make a list of the things that are absolutely essential to your happiness. How many can be purchased and how many are so precious that they couldn't be bought at any price?

Verchiel will provide the gift of clarity as you create your list of treasures. Verchiel is the angel of affection and aids with nobility and a generous heart.

Verchiel is the governor of the Sun and grants powers of the intellect, language, learning & math.

He also is one of the Rulers of the Order of Powers and is the secondary Guardian Angel of Cancer natives born during the month of July.


Angel of the Month Hamaliel

Angel of Logic - this luminous angel presides over the sun sign of Virgo and is also one of the rulers of the "orders of virtue." Archangel Hamaliel instructs and in a repetitive manner guides seekers with unwavering responsibility, as they move forward, step by step, from troublesome situations to satisfying their needs. Hamaliel aids us in increasing our abilities to think in a logical and orderly manner.


Angel of the Month Uriel (or Zuriel)

Prince of the Order of Principalities, ruler of the sign of Libra. Also one of the childbed amulets angels and our Angel of September. This glorious Angel of Ministration & Peace coordinates the work of all the Archangels.

Uriel bestows upon us the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy. We appeal to him for foresight into the future and for help in developing our psychic abilities. Uriel assists us in releasing unforgiven issues and to release resentment. He brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to our past. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our greatest blessings. Sometimes it takes the death of our most cherished dreams in the form of an unpleasant experience in order to realize the birth of new life, understanding, and opportunity. Uriel's goal is to assist you in anchoring yourself in love that is strong enough to withstand negativity. Uriel and his legions enfold us in thoughts of peace when we ask for his help.

This fourth Archangel confronts the souls of those who have erred or strayed from their spiritual path. For this, he is known as the "Angel of Repentance". And with Uriel’s lighter side, and a patron of literature and music, is also known as the "Angel of Music and Poetry".

Uriel is an angel of transformation, archangel of salvation, regent of the sun, and is the spirit of ministration and peace. Known to cure stupidity in humans.

This archangel’s name means "Light of God" or “Fire of God” and is the most funniest and most easy going of the angels. He represents clear thinking. His traits are: element is Earth, direction is north, season is summer, color is white and zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. He would then represent the bull.

Invocation to the Archangel Uriel

Glory to God and his deeds,
for everything is good and wonderful.
Holy Archangel Uriel,
protect and look after rivers,
their waters we drink,
life springs up from them;
make grass sprout for cattle,
make man yield bread out of the land,
wine to enliven his heart,
oil and food to give him force.

This beautiful invocation was translated from the original Spanish version
by Pedro Pablo Parrado of Bogota, Colombia


Angel of the Month Barbiel

Archangel Barbiel was once the order of archangels and a prince of the order of virtues. He is the angel for the month of October. He is associated with the archangel Barchiel (the archangel of February). One of the 28 angels of the 28 mansions of the moon, each phase of the moon has a corresponding angel these are the 28.

In the underworld, Barbiel serves as one of the 7 Electors under the suzerainty of Zaphiel.

Barbiel is a fallen angel but now he helps archangel Gabriel and archangel Uriel , and he loves doing work to help you with tests, and he helps you with walking across the roads safely. When you call on Barbiel he will look after you when you go to hospitals for test, and he will help you when you are at home, he will also help you look after your children and help others too. When you call upon Archangel Gabriel and archangel Uriel they will send Barbiel to help you in whatever you want.

Barbiel is willing to help you, he sends his love to you all.


Angel of the Month Adnachiel

Adnachiel is our Angel of the month for November and rules over Sagittarius. He is one of two angels ruling over the Choir of Angels, the other being Phaleg. He is a regent of the Seraphim. Adnchiel is also angel of independence and guidance. Some say he has control over the four elements - earth, wind, fire & air.

Adnachiel is the shining one and watches over those born in November and keeps them in his loving care. He actively helps you to open the door to the spiritual light of the soul. If you ask for this angel he will help you and guide you to what you want to do. If you need guidance he will help and he will be happy to be there for you.

Pray to Adnachiel to receive his wonderful protection and many blessings. He brings many precious gifts to you and your loved ones. These include: Independence, Honesty and Confidence to those who are shy. He hellps you when you are pioneering (making ways for others) and being adventurous. It is also said, that God gave him an amulet that cures all stomach ailments.

Adnachiel works with all the other archangels so just give him a shout. He will listen to you and guide you in your work. Adnchiel is very loving and very happy with you. When you shout for Adnchiel, he will be right there to support you, he also sends his love to you all.


Angel of the Month Anael (Hanael or Anael)
Angel of Love & Passion

“Glory or Grace of God” (he who sees God), Haniel is the Archangel of Divine Communication through clear perception. But generally he is thought of as the Chief of Order of Principalities, Virtues and Innocents. Plus he is the governor of the sign of Capricorn and of Venus.

In occult writings he is credited with their feat of transporting Enoch to Heaven.

Haniel has been compared to the Chaldean Ishtar (who ruled Venus) and is invoked as an amulet against evil.

This archangel is a warrior angel, his authority assists you to fulfill your soul's mission, which is praise, honour, love and to reunite with God by using and trusting in your own higher abilities and he is the protector of your soul. Invoke Archangel Haniel’s turquoise ray to give you strength and perseverance when you feel weak. He will guide you through visions, personal revelations and angelic coincidences. Haniel has the power to make fruitful that which previously was not so: to turn states of sadness, confusion or breakdown, anxiety and worry towards happiness. He will help to restore your soul, Soul Retrieval and bring those lost soul fragments back to us so they may be regenerated.

Archangel Haniel represents love, passion, beauty, love and friendship and is able to fill the gaps in your life that were previously empty from being out of sorts or lost. These times of depression, emptiness and sadness as stated above can be turned into new adventure for you and fill your life with love and joy. He can also help us to stop looking outside for inner happiness and respond to these problems from within. When we find inner happiness, beauty and light we can then grow with self-confidence. Then these qualities will start to shine on us and those around us and encourage others to grow as well. He gently provides you with the virtue of determination and supplies you with the energy needed for you to fulfill your Dharma (which means gaining enlightenment by releasing illusion).

During meditations, the Angelic Temple Meditation states that Archangel Haniel's Sphere of Influence is, working with group energies and communication.


Angel of the Month Gabriel (or Cambiel)

Our glorious Angel of January is Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger, and is one of four well known and great archangels. His name means "God is my Strength". He is the angel of many things, some being: Annunciation, Resurrection, Mercy, Angel of Death and Revelation. Often known for "bringing gifts of hope" and "bearer of glad tidings". Gabriel presides over Paradise and guides the soul on its journey back.

There are 7 levels of heaven, the first heaven is called Shamayim (or Shamajim), this is the lowest heaven and is associated with planetary angels and angels that rules the stars, atmospheres, wind and water. This heaven is ruled by Gabriel and is said to be the paradise where Adam & Eve first dwelled. Gabriel is also a ruler of the Cherubim sphere, this sphere holds the energy of the Sun, Moon and the Stars and are not little cupid beings as often described, but instead are vast cosmic light beings.

Each angel has a spiritual home called his "Temple of Light" within the etheric realms. Each Temple has a different purpose that will help an individual on his journey. Archangel Gabriel's angelic temple meditation helps one with guidance, awakening and purification.

Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame, Archeia Hope, assist Lightbearers in working with the light in the base-of-the-spine chakra and in mastering qualities of the white ray - purity, order, hope, joy and discipline. The seraphim of God also serve with Gabriel and Hope. The seraphim come bearing the light of the Father-Mother God. They can literally place their presence over us and we can absorb that light and energy into our bodies as a sponge absorbs water. When we desire to unite with divine consciousness through purity of body, mind and soul, these angels can help us raise the kundalini to achieve that goal.

Gabriel, who is often depicted with a trumpet, is the archangel of the annunciation, bringing good news to each soul of light about the path of the ascension and their ultimate union with God. His announcements, made to many of us, result in the sudden realization that we are being called home and have much work to do towards balancing ourselves. Regarding working toward this goal, Gabriel has give emphasis too, that serious spiritual seekers should determine to know, to have and to hold light, and to be the servant of light while they are becoming masters of the light.

In Islam, Gabriel, (Jibril also spelled Jibra'il) the revealer, revealed the Koran to Mohammed and acts as the messenger between God and man.

Mohammad once confused Gabriel with the Holy Spirit, which was understandable.

It is Gabriel that begat the Virgin Mary with child and informed her she "had found favor with the Lord" and "would conceive in her womb". He stood beside her at the birth of Jesus.

Gabriel's planet is the moon, he uses this feminine energy to help one interpret dreams and visions. He also uses the moons energy to inspire humanity. It has been noted down through history that the moon has been a symbol of guidance and has a profound influence on all living things. The fuller the moon, the more influence she gives to the mind and psychic power.

This Archangel is connected to birth, family and the mysteries of life within the soul and relations. He is found in the ancient texts of all religions.

Often known as "man in clothed white linen". Some people believe that Gabriel is a female spirit, some think Gabriel is a he. Others hold that angels have no gender.

Gabriel is one of the main four archangels one can invoke upon to help rid oneself of negative emotions, homesickness, nostalgia, remorse and unfulfilled desires - all feelings and emotions that tie up your life energy and weakens your connection with your current conditions.

He was also regarded in Persian lore, as a most mighty guardian angel message bringer who could also be invoked for assistance in removing demons during exorcisms.

During Times of Assistance

Angels of the Zodiac - Gabriel is associated with Cancer and has sensitivity and sympathetic qualities.

Seasons - Gabriel is associated with Winter, Water, and the direction West.

Childbirth - he helps guide midwives and assists in any way needed. He is the awakening archangel, the soul's guardian. He carries a trumpet to awaken your inner angel and bring good news.

Essential oils -Jasmine and Camphor are used to contact Gabriel. Jasmine lifts sadness and opens us to the angelic realms. Camphor dispels negative energy and brings about purification and can be used to cleanse crystals.

In order to raise our awareness of angels, one needs to practice. Archangel Gabriel teaches us to seek angelic help through invocation, ritual, meditation and dreams.

He offers you inspiration and divine inner strength during times of great challenge and sadness. Gabriel is also traditionally known as the great communicator for the Divine. So he is especially able to help you with inner communications for accessing your "knowing" and "intuition", as well as provide support for effective communications in day-to-day life.

Gabriel is here to help guide us to take time to recognize and experience the existing joys we experience and to manifest new and exciting joys in our day-to-day lives. He can help you to find what "makes your heart sing." Even the most mundane activities can be more divinely experienced when you can operate more fully in the state of joy. As Archangel Gabriel works in the background, he will assist you in expanding your capacity for having and experiencing joy in all aspects of your life

When a divine spirit grants your wish, it is customary, to give an offering of some kind in return. Because Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God, is generally depicted with white lilies or a trumpet horn, it is considered appropriate to make an offering of white flowers or to play music before the altar a thank you offering.

Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel

"Oh, Blessed Archangel Gabriel, we beseech you, to intercede for us in our necessities at the throne of Divine Mercy, that you who made known to Mary the Mystery of the Incarnation, through your prayers and intercession in heaven, may obtain for us the benefits of heaven that we may sing the praise of God forever in the land of the living. Amen."


Angel of the Month Barchiel

Each of us has a Birthday Angel, and each month they give us messages that are just for us. You can call upon these angels by name should you need assistance with a matter.

When you took your first breath your special Birth Angel began their journey with you they watch over you and guide you every step of the way as they walk hand in hand with you each day.

The wind stirs and within the energy of this month it can pit us against struggles and if you find yourself being tested and your patience wearing thin call upon Barchiel to bring you to calmer seas and gentler shore where you feel you can handle life much better. Since Barchiel’s color is pale blue visualize this color to bring calmness into your life, as it is the color of the clear skies and tranquil oceans that kiss shores with swaying palms and warm blissful nights.

Barchiel touches our hearts that beat of love and compassion, romantic or not. Call upon Barchiel and let this angel guide you to using the positive energies and to help you stay focused on all the positive things that surround you.

Barchiel is known to be with sun sign Pisces as one of the angels of the Zodaic and if you were born on any of the days of the week you have another angel that you can call upon, they are:

Sunday Micheal
Monday Gabriel
Tuesday Cameal
Wednesday Raphael
Thursday Sachiel
Friday Anael
Saturday Cassie

~ * ~


Angel of the Month Machidiel

This month angel brings courage to you, as the now view the days growing longer. The long winter's frozen lands are beginning to thawing and a new seeds of hope begin to emerge. This angel gives you heartiness to break new grown work and light new paths for which you can embark on. Machidiel's color is pale yellow and of air energy so now is the time you are encouraged to step forwards as you fulfill each new task. Call upon this angel Machidiel to help you achieve these undertakings in your daily life.

~ * ~


Angel of the Month Asmodel

As you begin the month of April you once again notice the days grow longer. Asmodel is one of the guardian angel for April and encourages you to view the energy of rebirth and to take time to replenish your energies and to test yourself now. April is about new directions, so you can grow and explore your daily life. Guardian angel Asmodel is there to help you enrich your life during the month of April, with transformations/rebirth spirits so you can begin to view things/situations with new perspectives. The colour of guardian angel Asmodel is the energy of green and it is allowing an awakening process to take shape. Guardian angel Asmodel guides you to embrace new theories/teachings/studies in your daily life. Like the new shoots and stems the leaves reach up and embrace this new awakening so let your energy feel the love and the nurturing of guardian angel Asmodel, who is there for you during the month of April.



Janet's Angel
A bright light kept catching my eye through the window of my home. I went outside, camera in hand and saw this light that was so bright it
literally blinded me for a time. My eyes took until now (46 mins) to adjust. It is not the sun, I think it's an angel or something. What do you think? I have been fasting and praying, feeding my spirit and not my flesh. You can see where the light covers the fence and you can't see through to the boards behind it (top of the fence). You can also see the outline of an angel. I have cropped it below for easier viewing.

I had to come inside b/c my eyes were so blinded and as quick as it came it disappeared. I mean, it was probably there at least 2 mins before I went out and actually looked. When I came in, I could see a side reflection through the window but then it just left. I cannot explain how I feel, it is the most awesome thing that I have experienced. x


Scotts Angel

I was reading your web site, and wanted to share this photo of a ANGEL WITH MY SON.    This picture was taken the afternoon before my son was to have surgery, at the time of the picture being taken, prayers were being said for his safe recovery, the photo has been tested for 2 years by photograph professionals, and churches, and has been found to be 100% real. my son is healthy and strong now thanks to this powerful servant of GOD.  
THANKS, SCOTT                
original was found at



I find myself in question at times into my blessings as to why I have been given such gifts. Several years ago I was diagnosed with emphysema {COPD}. I found myself in pity exhausted giving up. Here I was in Alaska hundreds of miles from my family in Arizona diagnosed with a devastating disease. Well when it got right down to it I had brought it on myself. After all wasnt it me who had smoked all those years and had blocked the gifts my Heavenly Father had given me at birth?

I was born with the gift of sight as a child I would know and see things constantly. I would wake my poor sister Donna who shared a room with me and tell of the spirit world and of things to come. I started as I matured to block my gifts and went through many stages of resistance and fear. But always knew that Parapsychic Science was my career I was drawn too. I had to investigate this gift more, what did they want from me? What was I to do with this sight?

Then it happened on an investigation to a cemetery in Fairbanks, Alaska. After much meditation, yoga and most importantly prayer of help from the Lord my life would change. Jim took a photograph of me in the cemetery. Well later on that day as I began to look through the photographs I came upon this photograph and there above me stood and Angel next to her was a spirit and above my head was a beam of light. Soon after this I began getting spirits in my photographs and my sight became ever so much clearer.

We soon got transferred to a different state and I went to the doctor to get my medications. Well after being sent to several others and specialists it was diagnosed my emphysema {COPD} was gone. I began to question why me? What am I to do? Still blocking and frightened my camera disappeared. I freaked out as when the spirits appeared I took their photographs and blocked them out. Well let me tell you when this happened they became much clearer to me. But my first reaction was to run and buy new cameras.

This did not help as the gifts could not be blocked anymore. As this had happened a huge peace came over me and a knowing that all was right and just as it should be finally hit home. My love for the Lord grew stronger and my knowing God does miracles everyday and should be shared came through. So this I do not hold to myself anymore and as many have asked me how I get photographs of the spirits happens. Do you use special cameras? The answer to this is no! I have taken them with 35mm, digitals and cheap-o-matics as I call them the ones you throw away when done.

The photographs are a gift as was my Angel that day all is as it should be! Praise given to Jesus my Heavenly Father and redeemer

Many Blessings the photograph attached is my Angel and me.
Photograph taken by, James Jodray.


Angel Names

A list of angel names from different religions...

The following list is of traditional angel names gathered from different religions, mythologies and lore. These angel names are of those angels considered to be of good nature and not fallen angels. The names of angels list will be added to from time to time, so please check back.

Abasdarhon - angel of the fifth hour of the night.
Abraxos - ancient name attributed to an angel.
Adnachiel - angel who rules November.
Adonael - an archangel .
Adonai - one of seven angels of the presence, or elohim; creator.
Aeshma - Persian archangel.
Af - angel of light.
Agla - angel who saved Lot and his family.
Akriel - angel who aids those with infertility.
Amitiel - angel of truth.
Amriel - angel of the month of May.
Anael - angel influencing love, passion and sexuality.
Anapiel - angel whose name means "branch of God."
Anahel - angel who rules the third heaven.
Anpiel - angel who protects birds.
Ansiel - name of an angel known as "the constrainer."
Arael - variation of Uriel; prince over the people.
Araqiel - angel with dominion over the earth.
Araton - one of seven ruling angels over the provinces of heaven.
Ariel - "lion of God;" angel of protection.
Armisael - angel of the womb.
Asariel - "whom God has bound;" rules the moon.
Asroilu - guardian angel of the seventh heaven.
Astanphaeus - one of the seven angels of the presence; third gate guardian.
Asteraoth - name of an angel who thwarts power.
Atrugiel - great prince of the seventh heaven.
Ayil - angel of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.
Azbogah - name of the high ranking angel of judgment.
Azrael - archangel of death.
Azriel - name for the angel of destruction.
Balthioul - angel with the power to thwart distress.
Baradiel - angel of hail.
Barakiel - angel of lightning.
Barrattiel - angel of support.
Barbiel - angel of October.
Bariel - ruling angel of the eleventh hour of the day.
Barman - angel of intelligence.
Barquiel - ruling angel of the seventh hour of the day.
Baruchiel - angel with power over strife.
Bath Kol - female angel of divine prophecy.
Bazazath - archangel of the second heaven.
Bethor - one of seven ruling angels of the province of heaven.
Briathos - name of an angel who thwarts demons.
Cahethal - seraphim angel over agriculture.
Camael - angel name that means "he who sees God;" chief angel of powers.
Cassiel - angel of Saturn.
Cerviel - angel ruler of the principalities.
Chamuel - archangel whose name means "he who seeks God."
Chayyliel - angel whose name means "army;" a powerful angel.
Cochabiel - angel prince who stands before God.
Dabriel - angel of the first heaven who rules over Monday.
Dagiel - angel who has dominion over fish.
Dalquiel - angel prince of the third heaven.
Damabiath - angel of naval construction.
Dardariel - ruling angel of the eleventh hour.
Diniel - angel who protects infants.
Domiel - angel who guards the sixth hall of the seventh heaven.
Dubbiel - guardian angel of Persia; name means "bear-God."
Duma - angel prince of dreams.
Dumah - angel of silence.
Eae - angel who thwarts demons.
Eiael - angel with dominion over the occult sciences.
Elyon - ministering angel who brought the plague of hail upon Egypt.
Emmanuel - angel whose name means "God with us."
Erathaol - one of seven great archon angels.
Eremiel - great angel who presides over the Abyss and Hades.
Gabriel - archangel whose name means "man or hero of God."
Gadriel - angel who rules the fifth heaven.
Galgaliel - prince angel of the sun, like Raphael.
Galizur - great angel who rules the second heaven.
Gamaliel - angel who takes the elect unto heaven.
Gazardiel - angel who supervises the east.
Geburatiel - angel prince who guards the seventh heaven.
Guriel - angel of the zodiac sign of Leo.
Gzrel - angel who revokes any evil decree against another in heaven.
Hadraniel - angel who stands at the second gate in heaven; "majesty of God."
Hadriel - guardian angel of the gates of the east wind.
Hagith - one of the seven ruling angels of the provinces of heaven.
Halaliel - archangel known as "the lord of karma."
Hamaliel - angel who rules the order of virtues.
Hamon - a great, honored, beautiful prince angel in heaven.
Haniel - an archangel who guards the tree of life.
Harahel - angel who oversees libraries.
Hasdiel - angel of benevolance.
Hasmal - fire speaking angel of the throne of God.
Hayliel - angel prince in the seventh heaven.
Haziel - angel whose name means "vision of God."
Heman - angel leader of the heavenly choir, whose name means "trust."
Hermesiel - angel who leads one of the heavenly choirs.
Hofniel - ruling angel of the bene elohim; name means "fighter of God."
Iaoel - an angel of the lord; angel of visions.
Iaoth - archangel who has power to thwart demons.
Leo - an angel who thwarts demons.
Iofiel - archangel whose name means "beauty of God."
Israfil - Islamic angel whose name means "the burning one."
Jael - cherub who guards the ark of the covenant.
Jahoel - one of the angels of the presence and chief of the seraphim.
Jaoel - guardian angel who lives in the seventh heaven.
Jeduthun - angel whose name means "master of howling" or chanting to God.
Jefischa - ruling angel of the fourth hour of the night.
Jehudiel - archangel who rules the movements of the celestial spheres.
Jeremiel - archangel whose name means "mercy of God."
Kabshiel - angel of grace and favor.
Kafziel - archangel who rules the planet Saturn.
Kakabel - angel who rules over stars and constellations.
Kalaziel - angel who has the power to thwart demons of disease.
Karael - angel who has the power to thwart demons.
Kemuel - archon angel and chief of the seraphim.
Kerubiel - prince angel of the cherubim.
Kokabiel - prince angel of the stars.
Kutiel - angel of water and the use of diving rods.
Labbiel - angel whose name was changed to Raphael.
Lahabiel - angel who protects against evil spirits.
Lamechial - angel who thwarts deception.
Lassuarium - angel who rules the tenth hour of the night.
Laylah - angel who oversees and protects childbirth.
Machidiel - angel governing the zodiac sign of Aries and the month of March.
Marmaroth - angel who has power to thwart fate.
Mendrion - angel who rules the seventh hour of the night.
Metatron - one of the greatest archangels, second only to God.
Michael - great archangel whose name means "who is as God."
Mihr - angel of divine mercy; angel that governs September.
Miniel - angel invoked to induce love.
Mitatron - an angel of the third heaven.
Morael - angel of awe that rules the months of August-September.
Moroni - brought messages to Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism.
Muriel - angel who rules the dominions and the month of June.
Naaririel - great prince angel of the seventh heaven.
Nahaliel - angel who governs running streams; "valley of God."
Nanael - angel who governs the sciences, and philosophy.
Narcariel - angel that rules the eighth hour of the night.
Nasargiel - good angel with a lion head that rules hell.
Nathanael - angel ruling over hidden things, fire and vengeance.
Naya'il - angel of testing.
Nelchael - angel of the schemhamphorae.
Nuriel - angel of spellbinding power and of hail storms.
Och - one ruling angel of the provinces of heaven.
Omael - angel of chemistry and species perpetuation.
Onoel - name of an archon angel...
Ophaniel - prince angel over the ophanim.
Ophiel - one ruling angel of the provinces of heaven and Mercury.
Oriel - ruling angel of the tenth hour of the day.
Orifiel - archangel over thrones, and the second hour of the day.
Orphamiel - angel known as the "great finger of the Father."
Osmadiel - ruling angel of the eighth hour of the day.
Ouriel - archangel who commands demons.
Pamyel - ruling angel of the ninth hour of night.
Pathiel - angel whose name means "opener of God."
Peliel - angel who rules the virtues.
Peniel - angel who rules Friday and resides in the third heaven.
Pesagniyah - angel who ushers prayers of grief to heaven.
Phaleg - one of the seven ruling angels of the provinces of heaven.
Phanuel - archangel who is an interpreter of revelations.
Phounebiel - disease thwarting angel.
Phul one of the seven ruling angels of the provinces of heaven.
Pravuil - an archangel who keeps all the records of heaven.
Pronoia - an archon angel who helped make mankind.
Purah - angel of forgetfulness.
Puriel - angel whose name means "the fire of God;" angel of punishment.
Qaspiel - angel who rules the moon.
Quabriel - ruling angel of the ninth hour of the day.
Rachiel - ophanim angel who rules Venus and governs sexuality.
Rachmiel - angel of mercy whose name also means the same.
Radueriel - angel who can create other angels and oversees archives.
Raguel - angel who watches over the behavior of angels; "friend of God."
Rahab - angel of death, destruction, but also the sea.
Rahatiel - angel prince of the constellations; name means "to run."
Rahmiel - angel of mercy and love.
Ramiel - angel who oversees visions and souls during the day of judgment.
Raphael - great archangel whose name means "the shining one who heals."
Rathanael - angel of the third heaven and thwarter of demons.
Raziel - angel chief over the thrones, guarding the secrets of the universe.
Remiel - angel who leads souls to judgment; name means "mercy of God."
Rikbiel - angel who oversees the divine chariot; chief of wheels.
Rizoel - angel with power to thwart demons.
Rogziel - angel of punishment whose name means "the wrath of God."
Ruman - angel who takes account of evil men's deeds while in hell.
Sabaoth - archon angel of the presence.
Sabathiel - angel or intelligence who communicates divine light.
Sablo - angel of graciousness and protection.
Sabrael - archangel who guards the first heaven.
Sabrathan - ruling angel of the first hour of the night.
Sachiel - ruling angel of Jupiter whose name means "covering of God."
Sagnessagiel - angel who guards the fourth hall of the seventh heaven.
Sahaqiel - angel prince of the fourth heaven.
Salathiel - rescuing angel of Adam and Eve.
Samkiel - angel of destruction and purifier of souls from sheol.
Samuel - fruling angel of the first hour of the day.
Sandalphon - giant angel whose name means "co-brother" (of Metratron).
Saniel - ruling angel of the sixth hour of the day.
Sarakiel - angel who rules the ministering angels.
Sarandiel - ruling angel of the twelfth hour of the night.
Satqiel - angel prince of the fifth heaven.
Seraphiel - chief angel of the seraphim angels.
Shamsiel - angel whose name means "light of day."
Shepherd - angel of repentance.
Shoftiel - angel whose name means "the judge of God."
Sidqiel - angel prince of the ophanim; ruler of Venus.
Sidriel - angel prince of the first heaven.
Simiel - archangel.
Sizouze - angel of prayer.
Sophia - angel whose name means "wisdom."
Soqedhozi - angel who weighs the merits of of men before God.
Sorath - angel who is the spirit of the sun.
Sorush - angel who punishes souls on judgment day.
Soterasiel - angel whose name means "who stirs up the fire of God."
Sraosha - angel who sets the world in motion.
Suriel - angel of healing whose name means "God's command."
Tagas - governing angel of singing angels.
Tartys - ruling angel of the second hour of the night.
Tatrasiel - great angelic prince.
Temeluch - angel caretaker who protects newborn babies and children.
Temperance - angel of the elixir of life.
Theliel - angel prince of love.
Tubiel - angel of summer.
Tzadkiel - angel of justice and guardian of the gates of the east wind.
Ubaviel - angel of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
Umabel - angel of physics and astronomy.
Uriel - great archangel whose name means "God is my light."
Usiel - an angel who stands before the throne of God.
Uzziel - cherubim angel whose name means "strength of God."
Varhmiel - ruling angel of the fourth hour of the day.
Vequaniel - ruling angel of the third hour of the day.
Verchiel - ruling angel of the month of July and of the zodiac sign Leo.
Vretiel - swift in wisdom archangel responsible for recording God's deeds.
Xathanael - the sixth angel created by God.
Yabbashael - an angel of the earth whose name means "the mainland."
Yefefiah - archangel who is the prince of the Torah.
Yehudiah - benevolant angel of death.
Yerachmiel - an archangel who rules earth.
Yeshamiel - angel who rules the zodiac sign of Libra.
Yofiel - angel prince of the Torah commanding 53 legions of angels.
Zaapiel - angel punisher of wicked souls.
Zaazenach - ruling angel of the sixth hour of the night.
Zabkiel - angel who rules over the thrones.
Zachariel - angel governor of Jupiter.
Zachriel - angel who governs memories.
Zadkeil - archangel who rules heaven and stands in the presence of God.
Zagzagel - angel prince of the Torah and of wisdom.
Zakzakiel - angel of the seventh heaven who records good deeds.
Zaphiel - angel ruler of the cherubim.
Zaphkiel - archangel whose name means "knowledge of God."
Zarall - cherub angel who guards the ark of the covenant.
Zazriel - angel whose name means "strength of God."
Zehanpuryu - high ranking angel whose name means "one who sets free."
Zerachiel - angel of the month of July and the sun.
Zophiel - angel whose name means "God's spy."
Zuriel - angel ruler of the principalities whose name means "my rock is God."


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