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Photograph taken by, Theresa F Koch


Photograph & Article by, Theresa Jodray-Koch
Usually before I go out to do research at a cemetery, I think its a good idea to go there and check it out during the day. That is, to see if you need to get permission to be there at night or just maybe let someone know why you are out there at night walking around with your cameras and equipment. This particular day Donna had found a fairly small cemetery no bigger than a half acre. We decided we would go to check it out, planning on returning that night.

Due to various factors, I have found that we get much better photos at night. Plus there are usually not people there to interfere with the investigation or questioning of your motives.

I have learned a big percentage of people have experienced some sort of paranormal activity in their life. But as soon as you mention the field of study you are in, they get a little freaked out. You will also find more people out there who would like to try everything they know to discredit a photo than to accept it for what it is. I've gotten quite used to this. The photos tend to speak for themselves.

This particular early afternoon, we were shooting a few photos to compare with our photographs to be taken later on that night. Also cleaning up the area a little while there is always a good practice I believe. Jimmie was off by himself in the older section, walking around and cleaning debris in the area. Born with psychic abilities, he is a very sensitive person really tuned into his surroundings. I could see he was over there cleaning and talking to what appeared as thin air, which made me decide I should take some pictures of him.

The picture above and below are one of the results. The apparitions head is peaking up out of the ground directly behind him. If you blow this part up it appears to be a man wearing some sort of floppy cowboy style hat.

The man who rests there's grave though not dated is in a area that appears to be around the early nineteen hundreds by the dates on headstones around him. This photograph was taken in Arizona, early in the afternoon in March. The weather was beautiful, a couple of small clouds, no precipitation, and in the low 70's.



Photograph & Article by,Theresa Jodray
Though he had tried to deny his abilities Jimmie could not avoid the call he had in his mind to return to the old cemetery by the hill. Last time he had been there his mother had taken a photo of him and the spirit, this spirit that peeked from the grave to reach out to him.

All day long he knew the spirit called wanting him to return to this place which frightened him now. He knew he was born with abilities confirmed when visited as a child by his grandparents after their deaths. But as he got older he became frightened by them maybe the woman spirit that followed him at his girlfriends house just to stand and stare added to his uneasiness. But he knew he must return if not just to see what was aggravating the peeking spirit from his past.

As soon as he pulled into the back of the cemetery he could feel them about making him nauseous and over whelming him with the smell of death. He decided he would not get out here in the back, as the nausea ands smell became much, much stronger. As he tried to pull out his wheels of his car began to spin not grabbing and releasing him from this torment. Across the cemetery he saw him as he ran across the graves. It was an older gentleman he thought not the same spirit as before he was expecting to be approached by. But the cloaked figure that was in one of his mothers photographs from a different visit here.

Just as the nausea became too strong his wheels caught and he pulled out onto the dirt road leading to the paved street. His eyes then caught him running just fifty feet from his vehicle as though following him as he left his cemetery. Feeling some relief as his tires hit the pavement Jimmie headed away from the cemetery. Only to start to feel pain in his left leg and side he knew he must return. Staying at a safer distance he entered the churches parking lot feeling a bit more at ease but still ill and smelling the smell of dead roses and dirt he asked what do you want to the spirit across the street? Beckoning him to enter through those taunting gates of the cemetery.

Jimmie told the angry, uneasy spirit I will not enter into your cemetery this night what do you want that would ease your pain. Then as if feeling annoyed the spirit walked away leaving Jimmie to sit and ponder at the nights happenings.

Calling me that night at almost midnight as he left the church parking lot asking me for advice. I asked him did you say a prayer for this soul? Did you ask to help him to find his way? I think he was right in not entering that night but I feel he was correct in letting the spirit know he had made contact and would help him if he could but the spirit seemed annoyed as to not be able to get Jimmie to enter on his turf and terms.. As Jimmie told me of the nights happenings I felt uneasy and agitated. So I told him not to go there again at night alone but with others and to say a prayer for guidance.

Comments on this true event are welcome as Jimmie is my son and quite gifted but frightened by his abilities.


The Red Girl
By, Theresa Jodray-Koch
Sometimes when you go out to a certain place it seems that there is and attraction of sorts perhaps a vortex or a light where the souls of the dead may reenter our space. One such place for me is a tiny little cemetery in Arizona. I cannot seem to pass this space and not feel them there, waiting to communicate with me or those who enter through their space.

The first time we came to this spot I felt it right away as did my son a feeling that we were not alone here. It is the same cemetery where I wrote the article Jimmie Makes Contact about, a few years earlier. We returned to this Cemetery this summer in the daylight, as I wanted to see if I could again photograph the spirit who peeked from the grave in my photo a few years ago. I had Jimmie stand in the same spot and started taking pictures.

We could sense the almost electrical energy in this area and I began to wonder if we stood were the spirits traveled from our world, as we know it to their dimension just behind the veil. Jimmie started to read and old metal crosses markings as he said he felt a presence by him. He didnt think it was the same one as last time. He felt a female child was trying to get him to notice her.

We continued to walk around this place trying to find the spirit there that always seemed agitated when we had visited here before. We were both drawn to the other side where we found an unmarked grave from around the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Both of us became nauseous when we approached this spot and agitated. We knew we had found the spirit in the past photographs with the cape the one from Jimmies Returns article.

Leaving the area we proceeded to leave and discussed the days happenings and went to his home to look through my photographs. There where we felt the energy so strong in the past stood the little girl Jimmie had felt standing just to his side.

Though I cant explain it, this I can say, there is a place in Arizona where the spirits seem to stay. Perhaps in wait of judgment they also seem to talk. Though contact may be different, their souls still bring them through and now theyve given me the chance to share themselves with you!




Photograph & Article by, Theresa Koch
Set high on the side of a mountain sits Jeromes Grand Hotel. Arizona's mile high historic landmark. Located in Jerome, Arizona between Sedona and Prescott this mile high historic landmark is a sight to see.

The building itself started out as the United Verde Hospital, opening January 1927. In 1930 it was written up as the most modern and well-equipped hospital in Arizona and possibly the western states. The building itself was built to withstand the blasts of up to 100,000 pounds of dynamite set off by the mine in Jerome and is fireproof. It is amazing how this 30,000-sq. ft. five level building of poured in place reinforced concrete was constructed on a 50-degree slope is an engineering marvel even by todays standards.

The Otis elevator is fully operational and provides service to all five levels of the hotel and has never been modernized. Traveling speed of 50 ft per minute it takes 45 seconds to reach the top level of the building. Purchased by the Altherr family in 1994, from the Phelps Dodge Mining Corp. This is one of the best-preserved buildings in the state of Arizona. Extreme measures have been used to protect the interior and exterior integrity of the building. The hotel features Jerome's Bistro Restaurant and Lounge.

The town of Jerome began in 1876 when three prospectors staked claim on the rich copper deposits. By the early 20th century the United Verde was the largest producing copper mine in the Arizona territory. The Little Daisy Mine shut down in 1938. Phelps Dodge took over the United Verde in 1935, but loss of profits brought the operation and Jeromes mining days to an end in 1953. Rich with culture this now famous ghost town built on the side of a mountain, is a wonderful sight to see and experience for the paranormal enthusiast or the history buff. The Jerome Grand Hotel is on the top of my recommended list for U.S. enthusiasts to visit.

The minute you walk into this historic building you can feel its ominous past all around you. Like stepping back into days gone by. As you walk through the corridors of the hotel you can't help but feel the essence of those long gone. The hotel and the town itself have been featured in several paranormal television programs and magazines. If ever in Arizona this hotel is a must to visit and the town Of Jerome and the story of the men and women who once worked this old mining town is a wonderful tale indeed. You can't help but feel their presence all around you when you enter the Jerome Grand Hotel. We caught quite a few apparitions with our cameras while in the hotel and also on its balcony which over looks the valley below. The one above is of an apparition in the hotel bar which was vacant at the time we were in it not to open for a few hours later on that night.  Jerome Grand Hotel



Photograph & Article By,Theresa Koch


On a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona some friends, family and myself embarked on their first ghost hunt.

We left to our chosen destination with a Kodak DC120 zoom digital camera and a Yashica 35mm camera. We also brought with us some things too clean-up the cemetery while there.

We chose a small cemetery that has been around since the late eighteen hundreds. Leaving the house we arrived at the cemetery just after dark. The first thing we did was to take a few photos while exiting the vehicle {which by the way turned out to be some of our best photos}.

We announced to the spirits who inhabited this space why we were there and that we weren't there to harm anything, but just wanted to take pictures. My sister Donna and son Jimmie cleaned up the area {cleaning headstones and such}.

We then proceeded to take some photos and thanked the inhabitants for their presence we caught in our photos and left to go see the results.

My sister was totally astounded to see all of the spirits we had caught on film. One of the photos we had taken of a headstone had a big "D" on it in one photo and nothing on it in the next shot {which totally freaked my sister Donna out}. I told her maybe they wanted her to clean over there since she had been cleaning the area.

One of the best of our photos was of my son Jimmie. We caught a full apparition behind him.

The photograph attached is one of our photos when first entering the cemetery. It looks as if they were all coming over to greet us.

I know some people don't believe in such things, but for others this is proof that we are destined for something else when we leave our bodies, and move on to the next plain of existence.


Searching For Charlotte.

Photograph & Article by, Theresa Koch


While in Phoenix, Arizona recently I had told a friend I would stop by and visit his mother Charlotte's grave. I have been to this particular cemetery on numerous occasions having friends and family buried there myself. So I knew where it was located. He had given me the statistics for finding her. Which made me assume it would be easy to find. I brought my camera hoping to catch something on film.

It was around noon when Jimmie and myself arrived there. We immediately found the area she was supposed to be in. Then proceeded walking around taking photos and cleaning off headstones covered with debris. But for some reason I was drawn to another area close by. I walked through this area over and over again not certain why I was drawn to it. After about a hour we still had not located Charlotte.

A couple of curious maintenance men came up and joined in on our search. After two hours I asked out loud "Charlotte where are you I am hear to visit and send you your sons love". About that time I looked down at the grass where I stood and noticed a headstone on either side of me. Where I was standing looked like a path through these other graves. I then looked up at the rest of our search crew and said "I don't think she has a headstone I think I am standing where she lies". One of the Maintenance men looked at me sort of odd then sent me to the cemeteries office.

They were happy to give me the location where she was located. Yes it was located in the area I had been so drawn to, you see I had been standing on the location where she had been laid to rest. This totally freaked the maintenance men out. But Jimmie and myself were thrilled. We placed a flag with her name on it where she lay and sent her, her son's love. Leaving that day I felt happy knowing that now people will know where she is and that she is missed and loved.

This article is dedicated to her Charlotte Walden Walters In loving memory May she rest in peace. Shalom

Photograph of Charlottes grave taken by, Theresa Jodray.


This photograph was taken and sent in by, Susan Gonzales.
Susan says: I live in a very active area  in Tucson and have
recorded hundreds of photos and videos.



Please email us at


The above Photograph was taken at Tombstone Az. BootHill at approx. 2pm in the afternoon. I waited a good 20 minutes before I took this picture as I was waiting for all the other tourist to clear the area. I of course didn't want someone I didn't know in my shot. It was taken with a digital camera. NO ONE was in the shot when I snapped it.. I took several pics of the very same spot.. but in only one did I capture this figure. I noticed it later that night .. I went home uploaded the pic on my PC and cropped it and blew it up.. Sitting on the grave to the middle left... looks to be an older man wearing period clothing .. sitting with his hands on his lap .. wearing a black hat.  After a little asking around town. The women at the tourist station showed me an old clipping of the Tombstone Tumbleweed paper.. of a photo taken in the same spot by an older couple... a figure in the same clothing was also captured at the VERY same spot..
Skyilar In Peoria, Az

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