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Attribution of spiritual significance to ley lines

In 1969, the British author John Michell, who had previously written on the subject of UFOs, published The View Over Atlantis, in which he revived Watkins' ley line theories and linked them with the Chinese concept of feng shui. The book, published by Sago Press, proved popular and was reprinted in Great Britain by Garnstone Press in 1972 and Abacus in 1973, and in the United States by Ballantine Books in 1972. Gary Lachman states that The View Over Atlantis "put Glastonbury on the countercultural map." Ronald Hutton describes it as "almost the founding document of the modern earth mysteries movement".

After Michell's mingling Watkins' amateur archaeology with Chinese spiritual concepts of land-forms, the 1970s saw many newly emerging theories about the alignments of monuments and natural landscape features by writers who made use of Watkins' terminology in service of concepts related to dowsing and New Age beliefs, including the idea that ley lines have spiritual power or that ley lines and their intersection points resonate a special psychic or mystical energy. Ascribing such characteristics to ley lines has led to the term being classified as pseudoscience.

In 2004, John Bruno Hare wrote:

Watkins never attributed any supernatural significance to leys; he believed that they were simply pathways that had been used for trade or ceremonial purposes, very ancient in origin, possibly dating back to the Neolithic, certainly pre-Roman. His obsession with leys was a natural outgrowth of his interest in landscape photography and love of the British countryside. He was an intensely rational person with an active intellect, and I think he would be a bit disappointed with some of the fringe aspects of ley lines today".


Photograph taken by Theresa f Koch


Photograph taken by Theresa f Koch

Ley Lines, Spiritual Beings, and Evil Spirits



In medieval European folklore, the incubus is a male demon (or evil spirit) who visits women in their sleep to lie with them in ghostly sexual intercourse. The woman who falls victim to an incubus will not awaken, although may experience it in a dream. Should she get pregnant the child will grow inside her as any normal child, except that it will possess supernatural capabilities.

Usually the child grows into a person of evil intent or a powerful wizard. Legend has it that the magician Merlin was the result of the union of an incubus and a nun.

A succubus is the female variety, and she concentrates herself on men. According to one legend, the incubus and the succubus were fallen angels.

The word incubus is Latin for "nightmare".

Spiritual Energy, Entities, and Ghosts:

Curious findings in photographs, videotapes, or meters, do not necessarily signify that a ghost is present. Many anomalies such as orbs, mist, bright lines, and vortexes are significant paranormal events, but are not ghosts. These events are documented encounters with spiritual energy.


After ruling out any physical causes such as camera straps, cigarette smoke, or rain mist, this type of evidence should be classified as energy. Everything in existence has energy. Some energies are physical (such as electric fields), some energies are living (such as auras and chakras), some energies are earth-based (such as ley lines), and some energies are spiritual. Energy is always affected by other energies, positively as well as negatively. No two energies are exactly alike. Some are similar. Some are compatible. Some can enhance. Some can manipulate.


Spiritual energy does not interact with the physical world. It is not grounded or locked in to a physical location - it is a sporadic event. It is not limited to a certain place, like physical energy is (e.g. electrical fields surrounding appliances).

Spiritual energy is very common and can be found anywhere, even in places that are not haunted. There are certain instances where spiritual energy can be attracted to a location due to the presence of certain physical energies (e.g. a vortex of earth energy may be created by the influence of spiritual energy in a certain location).


Ghosts are often an imprint in the energies of a particular location. In many cases a ghost may be a "recorded" re-enactment of a specific event from a physical lifetime (such as time of death), or could have an emotional connection to a particular place or event. Perceiving this type of ghost can be a brief moment when two "worlds" overlap. This type of ghost usually does not sense the current physical reality.


Ghosts that do perceive the current physical reality are classified in shamanism as spirits. Spirits are energy with consciousness. Consciousness is a power that can cause the manipulation of different types of energy, and even physical matter.


Babies and children are surrounded by different spirits, when babies come in the world, they are usually shrouded in a beam or a stream of energy.

Apparitions encountered by Shamans are classified by their potential energy strength. Potential energy strength is the apparition's ability to affect the physical surroundings or their energies.


Class 1. Effectual energy presence. Sensation of apparition's presence.

Class 2. Manifestation of energy presence. Visual or audio confirmation of apparition's presence.

Class 3. Influence over physical energies. Manifested interference in electrical currents, radio and television reception, etc.

Class 4. Manipulation of physical matter. Manifested manipulation of physical objects; i.e. movement, temperature, appearance, condition, or possession.

* Hostile - A spiritual apparition can be benevolent or hostile. A hostile threatens life or limb.

Location of Energy Presence

The most common condition for the appearance of apparitions is "energy recognition reaction". When this happens, the apparition's energy recognizes a familiarity in the energy of a person, location, or object. The apparition's appearance will most likely be only in one location; however, it may not necessarily be only the location's energies that attract the apparition - it could be a combination of the three. Can you see the boy in the tree, he is a spirit trapped.


The location is most often connected to the apparition in some way. The tragic death of a person may trap their soul there due to a number of reasons, such as an unwillingness to leave, or becoming confused or lost. It may also be purposely trapped there by someone or something.

A number of means is possible to do this, most often by way of acquiring a sample of the intended victim's person. Hair or fingernail trimmings are commonly used. Containing a sample of the intended victim's energy by way of a containment vessel is another method. A stone programmed for the purpose, or creating a mannequin of the person out of wood, bone, or clay are examples of containment vessels.

Spiritual Apparitions

Spiritual apparitions vary due to their energy essence. These variations are categorized into six conditions which define the reason behind the apparition's presence. The six conditions are defined as follows:

The lost soul is a result of circumstances related to the individual's death. Usually the soul is confused due to the shock they received involved with their demise, and are unaware that they are in fact, dead.


The trapped soul is usually a result of circumstances that took place at the location of their death. Their energy essence is often trapped into the natural energy field of the location, either by accident or by purpose.


The soul unwilling to depart is again connected to the time of death. Often, the soul feels as though their death was untimely - that they did not accomplish something necessary to their life path and will remain earthbound until it is accomplished. Or, it can be a soul that is unwilling to accept death.

A vengeful spirit is either one whose death was the result of murder and will not rest until it has been revenged, or in life the soul endured hardships caused by another, and will not rest until it has been revenged.


A summoned spirit is one that has been brought forth from the spirit realm by way of ritual, and is contracted by the summoner for the accomplishment of a desired deed or action.


A Spirit Power is a spirit that is either a higher spiritual element, a helper, or a guide. It can be of either good or evil influence.


Note: Sometimes, a spirit can perform a manipulation of energy called "shapeshifting". A shapeshifting spirit (as opposed to a physical shapeshifter) has the ability to manipulate its own energy and change its appearance into a completely different form. In many cases, the spirit does this to hide its true identity. Its actions are meant to influence those who see it in a positive or negative manner, depending on its intent.

Examples of this are: 1) A totem spirit (Spirit Power) of a bear may present itself in a smaller stature to be less imposing. 2) A demonic entity may appear in the form of a child. 3) A threatened spirit not wanting attention from the physical world may pretend to be aggressive or frightening.


An exorcism is a battle. It is a power struggle. It is the only means of combating possession. Not prayer, and not emotions. Prayer can assist and comfort, but emotions such as love do not make good weapons in combating an invading entity, and emotions such as fear feed them. The best approach is to be dispassionate when doing an exorcism.


First of all, one should not assume that someone is possessed by a spirit unless the possessed person shows signs that distinguish them from those who suffer from mental illness or some physical disease. The signs indicating the presence of a possessing spirit are as follows: speaking in an unknown language or understanding someone who speaks in a language unknown to the person; revelation of distant and unknown matters; manifestation of powers beyond one's own natural abilities.

Other signs may be observed and, when taken with the above, compound the situation.

A Shaman works with his Totem in this battle.

A combination of energy manipulation and trickery is the only means to overpower the possessing spirit. The outcome of this ritual is to force the possessing spirit to reveal itself (usually by name), thus acknowledging its limitations and connections and causing itself to sever all ties and allegiances it has. In this state, it can be overpowered and captured or forced to withdraw.


If you believe you are having a problem with a ghost, or are experiencing signs of a haunting, it is most important to understand that even though the spirit may be benevolent at present, it can turn hostile if threatened and can be a beacon for other spiritual energies.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a ghost exorcised.

Seek the guidance of a professional who is trained in this area and is able to effectively deal with spirits.

The Meaning of the "Dwellers of the Threshold"

To The English mystic and novelist Sir Bulwer Lytton, who wrote Zanoni. The "Dwellers of the Theshold", term has obtained wide currency and usage in Theosophical circles.

In occultism the word "dweller," or some exactly equivalent phrase or expression, has been known and used during long ages past.

It refers to several things, but more particularly has an application to what H. P. Blavatsky calls "certain maleficient astral Doubles of defunct persons." This is exact. But there is another meaning of this phrase still more mystical and still more difficult to explain which refers to the im-bodied karmic consequences or results of the man's past, haunting the thresholds which the initiate must pass before he can advance or progress into a higher degree of initiation. Below is a door with human manifestations on it.


These dwellers, in the significance of the word just last referred to are, as it were, the im-bodied quasi-human astral haunting parts of the constitution thrown off in past incarnations by the man who now has to face them and overcome them – very real and living beings, parts of the "new" man's haunting past.


The initiate must face these old "selves" of himself and conquer or fail, (which failure may mean either insanity or death). They are verily ghosts of the dead men that the present man formerly was, now arising to dog his footsteps, and hence are very truly called "Dwellers of the Threshold".

In a specific sense they may be truly called the "kama-rupas" of the man's past incarnations, arising out of the records in the astral light, left there by the "old" man of the "new" man who now is.

In Tarot tradition, the Moon represents unconscious desires and the fears that accompany the sense of losing control or falling into the unconscious realm of sleep and dreams. However, if one is afraid to enter one's own astral territory, one can never truly know oneself - and the mystery of initiation is about little more than this.

The real confrontation that the Moon represents is the meeting with the "Dweller of the Threshold" of which occult and esoteric teachers speak.

This is the giant force of accumulated evil or wrong doings, the hideous part of the self that a person would rather not look at and would like to pretend doesn't exist, and which rises up at the point of real psychic growth.

This "demon" must not only be looked at, but integrated into the being, in order to establish wholeness.

Astral Projection:

Many people have written to me describing their feelings of fear during projection. This is a kind of natural barrier to some people that must be overcome. Some call it "The Dweller on the Threshold". It is a manifestation of your own inner fears, very much like a child's unreasoned fear of the dark; a fear of the unknown……


Many people feel there is something evil waiting for them, or a nasty spirit trying to stop them projecting. This must be faced with courage!

Look upon it as a test, an exam, that must be passed before you can project freely. Once you do project, and face it, you will find it is only a hollow threat that will crumple into nothing.

Now, there came into the world in this very generation the great philosophy of Theosophy, brought and given by those who knew it. As soon as those to whom it was given began to study, to try to force themselves along the path trodden by all sages, the Dweller on the threshold of the time was awakened.

Many, many have been the failures in the name of Theosophy. The great science has been mutilated in thousands of ways, so that the general public does not know that there is an exact record left by Those who brought it. That knowledge exists; the way to obtain the activity of the inner nature is right before us; the doors are never closed to anyone; but, no one other than ourselves, however powerful, can ever arouse the necessary action from within to take the step.

Each one must see the necessity for the step; each step must be seen to be the step by the one who takes it. The divine spark within the human breast desires space in which to burn. It can not be cramped, or constrained. But we do constrain it by thinking we are our physical bodies, by thinking we can be saved by the efforts of others, by laying our sins on others, by believing knowledge can be conferred upon us by others.


These ideas are our dwellers, for they stand in the way of our getting a true perception. Enmeshed in action and reaction, we are unable to turn our minds in the true direction. The mission of Theosophy was to arouse the real man from this sleep of ages -- a sleep in which he dreams, acting with the powers of his own nature and creating shape after shape; some dreams -- nightmares, and none leading to the real goal.

Not until the divine spark within us has struck fire from the light of other lights who have passed beyond our stages will we take the true step out of what is for so many the vale of misery and death.

Our Dweller is about us all the time. Everything which conflicts with good is an operation of that dweller. Everything which prevents us from taking those steps which we can see would be the better ones for us to take is a dweller. We have about us on every hand influences from our fellow men which make it most difficult for us to take and keep that step which in our better moments seems the very best.

Their thoughts and acts tend to reinforce our Dweller. The greatest Dweller we have is doubt, suspicion, fear, lack of faith. These are outward exhibitions of the Dweller, and the first influences which we feel. These dwellers have to be conquered. We must have absolute faith; absolute faith in our power to learn, and an unbounded confidence in that which is being taught us.


For, if we are told that there is a science of life, a knowledge of all the laws of life, is there any pursuit more worth while than finding out whether the statement is a truth or lie? Surely, there is none. In a few years this small physical life will be gone. What will we have learned from it; how shall we have profited by it?

Shall we overcome enough of the Dweller now to enable us to take the step with greater force in the future, or shall we drift and accumulate those forces which forever stand in our way until we take the step? The whole of humanity will be driven to it some day, if only after aeons and aeons of suffering from wrong courses taken.

A wide and wonderful field is open to every human being. All that he would like to know he may know. All that exist before him as mysteries can be cleared up. All powers that reside in nature, in every one of its departments, can he his; but, ONLY, when he sees that he is a part of the great Whole; when he feels that never could he use a power of any kind for any personal selfish purpose, but would lay all his possessions at the feet of his fellow men, for their benefit; ONLY then, can the best and highest in him operate.

Nothing selfish, nothing related to the mere body, or its preservation, or one's comfort, or the pursuits of one's own desires can ever open the doors; nothing but the determination to go forward, to become one of Nature's saviors, to work for the progress of all beings in the universe will open the doors.

No creed will save us. No belief will save us; no mere being good from our own personal point of view; no reforming from this, that, or the other thing in order to be "saved." Nothing but a knowledge of our own natures and the determining to put that knowledge into active practical use for the benefit of others, not ourselves; ONLY that will kindle the flame that now burns so dimly while we are in the body.


The "Dweller on the Threshold" is with us. Shall we break away, break through that plane where he dwells? Can we be determined enough to go through all those trials that must be ours by our thought and action of the past, and all those which our fellow men have placed about us? Are we strong enough to take the step?

It is not so. The voices of the higher spirits are ever calling, are ever descending into the darkened abyss, in order to speak to those souls. They do not know of up-liftment. They do not know that the purpose of their creation is to uplift the bodies in which they found themselves to a higher stage of living. That in the bodies they had physical elements to contend with, that they had the yearnings of the flesh, that they had the animal passions which were created through animal propensities.

They lived on flesh, the flesh of animals, they drank their blood. We know that by the story that you have been told. They consumed animals that some of the animal-nature would be conveyed to them. Thus they had to conquer this great animal striving which had become part of themselves.

Even when death ensued, their spiritual entities, their etheric bodies, the bodies that they had created during the time of their life upon the planes of earth or other planets, were of such a gross, low nature that even after death they perpetuated the desires and the requirements, the passions and emotions which could not longer be satisfied in the world in which they dwell.

There is no greater punishment than to be filled with a yearning and a desire which cannot find consummation. There is no greater sacrifice than that of a man who, dying on the desert, is faced with the mirage of a river.

That is the retribution of those souls who have lived in degradation. They are possessed of the carnal lusts and desires they once had, but in the absence of the physical law of attraction there is no fulfillment, only that urge and desire that seems indestructible, but which cannot be consummated


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