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Photographs Taken by, Janet Caldwell-Phillips


 I was asleep when I felt my dog daisy start shaking and she started to growl. I woke up and noticed she was staring into the stairs. I got scared and grabbed my phone and the camera accidentilly went off and I got this figure. I'm not sure what it is. A couple days later me and my husband were downstairs and I was just taking pictures off the room in the dark to see what I'd get and I got this curving little light. I got real scared cuz my dog always barks at that corner or gets scared when she looks into that mirror. She's never barked at her reflection so what could it be?



Here are two pics of some orbs attached below, I took these in a cemetery in Pottsboro, Texas (N. Texas) As you can see both were taken in different areas. It looks as if the orb is moving back and forth very fast or a bunch of them in one line. What do you think? I would like to hear your opinion.

Photographs courtesy of Jason L. Pearson




Poetry: A combined effort of Alan Phillips & Janet Caldwell. Photograph taken by: Janet Caldwell. I sit among the buried (missing, presumed dead)

I sit among the buried (missing, presumed dead). Where a grove of poplars stands, tattling leaves, insistent whispers and that movement near the corner of vision. It would be gone, a trick of the twilight should I turn to pin it with my eyes. Faint echoes now, and because sight needs light my ears shift to find what physical eyes cannot reach. Even ears are inadequate, taste, smell, touch all inadequate in this company. Meantime, we commune, shared solitude, openly alone. Meditating, deep breaths, focus spirit opening to belief, third eye receives Dallas green Cherub Angel playing gently, dancing freely through the leaves. Taking care, ever watching over those who came to whisper their secrets to me. Beautiful lady, I am so glad to see, thank you gentle one. She smiles back to me. Oh yes sir, Ive got that Ill pass your message on. Voices sing in harmony, spirit open wide, listening and seeing these fluttering wings, the Eyes glimpsing me transcending. A great mystery? Maybe, but I dont think so! Messages, some ancient others of this time but all can be sure¶

They have been received.

Odd Apparitions and Orbs taken by, Janet Caldwell


Present Part Two

This is a part 2 of the poem "Present' that was inspired from a visit to the cemetery. I was actually 'drawn' to this part of the cemetery (Islamic Gardens) and I took some photos and captured many images. The image that is so pronounced to me is the face of a lady. I feel that it was she that drew me in the first place. A few days later, I went back to this portion of the cemetery and a man told me to stay out of the Gardens. He also said that I should check with the Mosque, I did and they had no problems at all with my being there and taking photos. I am always very respectful and there were no signs noted anywhere saying that photographs were not allowed. The man just stood at the edge of the road as if guarding the Gardens.

I returned to my car. While getting in I noticed that he was still looking at me. Once in my car, I looked into my rear view mirror and he was gone. Was he even human? I wondered. Feeling a bit strange but not afraid, I returned the next day. There was a family there and I was a bit hesitant to enter. I did though and I walked right up to a lady and told her that I meant no disrespect, I explained about the man and she said 'Please feel free' so I did. I took more photos and then she called to me. She was at the grave of her best friend who had died of cancer. A feeling of 'knowing' came over me as I looked at her friends grave. It was the marker that I had photographed days before. The beautiful writing on the marker intrigued me, though I didn't know what it said. She explained to me that it was a poem and translated for me.

We spoke further and I explained about the photos that I had taken of her friends grave and the trees just in the back portion of the cemetery. I told her how I was so drawn and I also told her (I knew this) that her friend was sending a message to her. She cried and told me that in fact she 'shouldn't be here at all' that she had a scheduled trip to go out of the country and cancelled because for the last two nights she had dreams of her friend and in the dream the one that crossed over was asking this lady 'Why don't you ever visit me?' So this is how she ended up on this particular day at her friends grave when she should in fact be halfway around the world.

I passed the message and I also emailed the photo to her. It does have her friends face in it. I believe fully that the lady that crossed over arranged this meeting, through dreams and through a sense of 'drawing' me in so that we would meet and her message would indeed be received. I am becoming more and more aware of my Gift and duty as a messenger and it has been rewarding and wonderful, so far ;) I hope that I never have to pass an awful message. There is an enormous responsibility in all of this and I do not take it lightly.

Blessings to all, Janet Caldwell

Photograph taken by, Janet Caldwell..


Photograph taken by, Janet Caldwell..


The Capitol and BOO
By Janet Caldwell
The Capitol and BOO July 28, 2001

It was a day of leisure. My daughter Summer and I had earned it. The day before we had moved her belongings from my home in Dallas to Austin, Texas where she will attend college. Tossing away our cares, we headed for the State Capitol Building to enrich our minds or at least have some fun. With my camera in hand I snapped photos of the magnificent carved images of our founding Father Stephen F. Austin and just about anything that looked or felt interesting. Amazed, as always by the great beauty of this building, I can't resist wandering off and taking photos of empty staircases and empty hallways. Or are they really empty?

This brings me to the story of the photo. I used a Polaroid PDC 700 digital camera. I really love the staircase seen in this photo and I just had to have a photo or two or three. Well these stairs were full of what I like to call Dancing Orbs. I was happy about the Orbs dancing on the stairs and the photos, all of them. I wasnt really sure at that time why one of them is orange and seems to stand out, seemingly saying Look at me, Im still here.

Present day; August 2001

Since the time of the Capitol photos, I have taken 100s more in many levels of light. A couple of nights ago, I took a few photos in my back yard where there is a lot of paranormal activity occurring. With the help of a friend I am learning to distinguish orbs, vortexes, ectoplasms etc. Not since I was at the Capitol have I seen the big orange orb aka BOO. Snap! There he is, there they are, the BOO. I still wasnt sure about this orange orb. I wasnt afraid of it. As a matter of fact it brought a great deal of peace to me knowing that its there I wondered if it had followed me from the Capitol bldg in Austin. I really started to examine the photo. What I found is very comforting.

There are many faces in this orb. The faces of those who love me are in the BOO. My brother passed to the other side in 1980 and many a time he has visited me, whether it was a smell, a dream or the one time that he spoke audibly to me. He was my best friend while growing up, defending and protecting me. I know now that the orange orb includes my brother Michael among other family members. I dont recognize them all but Michael is there. I feel him very strongly, even as I type this. He looks out for me. I do not doubt one bit that he is my guardian angel and a part of the BOO. ;) I guess its like being a part of The Rat Pack, there is a power belonging to a group. Hes made his presence known. The funny thing is, I asked for this, to see him again. Take a peek at the other side. It becomes more and more available to me as I keep my mind open and press on. Oh, got to run, the neighbors dog is barking out back. You never know. Keep that camera ready. Snap!


Photograph taken by, Dallas Franklin

Wondering of Wandering Ghosts

Most of us have seen the lighted orbs or misty gossamer photos of apparitions, especially with the advent of the Internet. Those of us on the believing side of spirits automatically assume its the ghost of someone from the past. We live in this linear time line and think everything happens on every plane of existence the same. It is the belief of some people, scientists included, that time happens simultaneously. Thats a hard thing for us to comprehend for the very act of comprehending, uses time in doing so.

Suppose these ghosts we see, whether in person or a photo, are not from our past, but from the future. That statement alone takes a reading or two! Could it possibly be a vortex point where connections between time periods are briefly intertwined? Or we could take this into a different perspective. Is it bleed throughs from other planes of existence? Are we sharing this Earth alone just because we dont always see and hear others? Could there be countless other dimensions sharing this same space with us? All these questions just add more to the pile. And isnt that what we are doing throughout our existence. Finding answers to our most personal questions in learning to know what its all about, if indeed it is about something.

When I was a teen, we lived in a haunted house. Well, that was our conclusion given the experiences many of us had while living there. On one such occasion my sister and I were sitting on my bed, facing the dresser mirror and chatting. I distinctly felt the bed vibrate and meeting my sisters eyes, Do you feel that? she said. We both looked in the mirror and could see the shaking bed as well. It freaked us out, especially when it happened around the same time as The Exorcist was gracing our theatres.

But now given a vivid imagination and having experienced and learned more since I was a young girl, Ive been wondering about these ghosts. What if its a whole other universe thats living right in the same space and/or time as us? When we have a vision or hear someone speak, are they experiencing the same kind of experience from their dimension? Are they wondering who we are in the same respect we do of them?

Lets get back to the experience I shared with my sister. If we would consider it normal to respond to that situation as it being a ghost, could it not be of equal value to say it was from another space and time? Maybe the house was being demolished and we picked up on the vibrations when it was tumbling to the ground. Or maybe a bomb hit the area in another dimension and we were feeling the after effects. It doesnt matter the scenario because you can come up with plenty of them to fill a book. The point is it could be.

So rather than boxing in your thoughts and ideas of what is in this life, or other lives, allow your mind to expand its consciousness further. Ponder all these questions and come up with those of your own. Then search for answers. Some youll find unbelievable, like those Ive shared, but others will be like pearls. Take those pearls of wisdom you find and the next time you wonder about wandering ghosts, allow your mind to expand and contract. Itll be like a breath of clear air. Let your conscious be your guide.

©2001 Dallas Franklin

About the author: Dallas first realized she wanted to be a writer when she was just a youngster. This need manifested throughout the years. She studied Journalism at Humber College in Toronto, Canada - 1975, but found the mainstream media too confining. Presently she has returned to her first love, writing. Her family, friends, and others with kind words beckon her onwards. Dallas is also inspired by other writers and Spirit.

During high school Dallas was literary editor of her senior yearbook, as well as having a short story and some poems published there. She also had a poem published in the Toronto Sun while in high school. While working at Ontario Blue Cross some of her poetry was featured in the organization's monthly newsletter. She graduated from a writing course through Writer's Digest in March, 2001. Dallas looks forward to adding new achievements, certificates, or awards to writes yet to come.

Death's Door

by Dallas Franklin
Often when loved ones pass over we find ourselves reflective of our own immortality. There's a certain fear that accompanies death, as it's something we think we will do alone. All through our lives we have others who support us through our challenges and the physical presence of another is comforting. But when we think of death, we know we are shedding this physical body and all sorts of questions scurry through our minds of what to expect.

We hear stories of those who've had near death experiences and dream of this light that will surround us in Love, not expressible in human terms. It's difficult to imagine life in another place, space, time, and dimension other than here on this Mother Earth. Yet so many accounts of this new world we enter is presented to us down through the ages. It gives us reassurance that there is nothing to fear.

And for those who believe in reincarnation, we know we've traveled this route countless times and will again and again until we find our path back to the One essence known as God or All That Is. Nobody goes through this Earth school without feeling the grief and loss of a loved one. It's felt in the loss of family, friends, pets and even people we don't know personally. Grief is a universal language and it doesn't matter what your culture or background is, you will experience it as sure as you were born into this world.

Ive often read that as we grieve for those we cherish as they cross over, on the other side they are celebrating the return and birth back home. So as we go through the grieving stage, remember to recall all those precious memories that celebrate your loved ones life. Not accepting their passing keeps them bound to Earth and they cant travel onwards in their new life. Rather, say a prayer and blessing for the new experiences and reunions they are sharing and know you will never be apart. Just as they were once a part of your life, so shall you meet them again in Spirit. We all have our own time and way of grieving and respect for each of us should always be given. Our grief is a tribute to the love we feel for another while sharing our path here.

Here's my poem 'Death's Door'. It's a tribute to all those who have and will cross over and meet their Truths. May Love always shine in their heart.

"Death's Door"

You, corpse of Death
Who once filled Life
With Your Birth
Tears of weeping Joy
Transformed into
Tears of weeping Sadness
Bringing with You
A lifetime of experience
Gathered up like
The Whispering winds
Silently taking your days
Of Glory
And sweeping them into
This one moment
Of Truth
We all encounter
At Deaths Door
Life evermore.

©Dallas Franklin -2001

By,Dallas Hodder Franklin

Smell that Smell"

Most of us have had some kind of paranormal experience whether we have justified it logically or not. Even then we can feel doubt and question the logic we've meticulously compounded. This is how Spirit works. It forces you to think about events and often we will recall them and wonder if it really happened as we remember it. Personally, I have so many paranormal experiences that I dont even question it anymore. I just consider what message Spirit is trying to communicate to me. Its allowed me to open myself to such messages and in letting go of the fears, my experiences flourish constantly. It used to be that I'd be afraid of what others would think of me if I relayed some of the strange happenings Ive been exposed to. Would they think Im losing my marbles? Where on earth did that phrase originate? Whats marbles got to do with ones mind? Okay, I'm getting off track here. Oh, another saying...ummm?

A couple of weeks ago I had another paranormal event occur. Actually it happened various times. It has to do with smells. Many times I've had certain smells come into my presence which has caught my attention. Probably because I don't have an acute nose for smell to begin with so it usually startles me. For about a week I was getting the scent of Old Spice. I would be watching television, or sitting at the computer, or reading, or doing housework and suddenly I'd get a great big old whiff of men's Old Spice cologne. My husband doesnt wear it and theres not a bottle of it in our home so immediately I felt this was a Spirit trying to communicate with me. I wondered whom this could be as my mind raced through people in my memory bank trying to figure out who was around me. I didn't count how often I smelled Old Spice but I'd estimate at least five times in the week. But I had faith that eventually this Spirit would become known to me.

Now let me bring you to the following week. I have a writer friend online and we've become good friends over the past months. She's phoned me a few times but each time she got a busy signal and had to leave a message. This isn't unusual as we only have one phone line and are usually online 95% of the time, even when we're not here. It's just a habit my husband and I've gotten into as we are tired of wrong numbers and telemarketing phone calls so this enables us to screen our calls. I'd called her a couple of times too, but like me, I couldnt get through to her. On this night my friend had sent an email to a list we both belong to and was very distressed over some personal matters. In the email she said she wouldnt be corresponding for awhile but for us to know she was fine and just needed time to digest all that was happening in her life. As soon as I read her email I went offline and phoned her immediately.

It was late at night so I chose her cell phone number. The telephone rang and rang and finally I got her answering machine. I left a message telling her I'd like to talk with her and that I'd stay offline for fifteen minutes if she wished to talk. I thought she might be ignoring the phone as well and understood if she needed her space. I played some card games and patiently waited while watching the clock. Ten minutes went by and I decided she probably was sleeping or didn't want to talk so went back online. About twenty minutes later she sent me an email and told me she'd like to phone me and talk. I wrote her back and said I'd go offline right away. She phoned within a couple of minutes and we finally connected by telephone.At first we talked about her situation but it became a small part of the conversation. Shes also interested and intrigued by paranormal activity too, so we shared some of our personal experiences. We talked about out of body experiences for a bit as both of us had a story to relate. She told me about when one of her brothers had died, and she was having a nap with a niece. She remembered floating out of her body and looking down upon herself and her niece on the bed and wondering what was happening. A voice gave her the answer. It was her brother. She will never forget what he said to her.  beautiful here and I cant describe the love I feel right now. I want you to know I'm very happy and Ill be here to greet you when its your turn.Then she woke up but said it was so real that she just knew she had a visit from her brother. Ive always been fascinated by such experiences.

We chatted on and on for a couple of hours as both of us were enthralled by each others tales. Youll probably think this is weird but I'll tell you anyway. Sometimes I get these smells. She said. Smells! I interrupted. I get them too! And speaking of smells, just his past week Ive had this smell of Old Spice a few times and I cant figure out who it is.Oh my God! That is incredible. My brother used to wear Old Spice all the time! We always kidded him because it was like he dipped himself into the cologne. Wow! Now my mind was reeling. Oh! Another phrase..ummm..another article! The thought came through immediately and although I didnt quite know what I was going to say, the words just fell out. Then that was your brother! Hes getting the message through me, to let you know hes with you. Probably because of the stress youve been under lately he wants to let you know it'll be okay. It'll all work out. Id be willing to bet he helped make this phone call happen tonight! Both of us got goosebumps as the understanding was in place.

We enjoyed a great talk and she felt so much better when we were finished. I never did have the Old Spice smell come back again. Her brother had gotten his message through and there was no more need. So sometimes when we have paranormal experiences its not necessarily for us personally. It may be for another and the only way Spirit can communicate is through someone who is open and receptive to the signs, or in this case the smells. He obviously knew we were friends so helped get a phone call together so we could share and the mission would be accomplished. I dont have to justify this experience through logic or worry if Im going mad. I know in my heart the reasons and why it was meant to be. Oh goodness, I just had a smell of roast beef! Now, who could that be!? Spirit works in mysterious, but wondrous ways.

√¬©2001 Dallas Hodder Franklin


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