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Photographs taken by, Theresa f Koch



Ghosts are a particular form of Fragment, however I still call them ghosts myself, they are just part of the Fragment family the ones that happen to get stuck on buildings or places rather than human beings. It's because they are made of etheric and astral material we can sometimes see hear and feel them etc, and on some occasions they can be recorded on mechanical equipment and photographed etc.

Provided its remembered that Ghosts are formed of hardened astral and etheric matter, and are treated accordingly, Ghosts are always easily removed.

For a simple method of seeing your own etheric body that nearly everybody can perform, please go to the Etheric Body page.

Earthbound spirits.

Earthbound spirits are exactly what the name implies, the higher essence (Spirit) of a person who has left their physical, etheric and astral bodies behind. But, for any number of reasons stays close to the physical plane.

People often mistakenly assume Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits are one and the same but they're not, the difference between the two is how they come into being, fragments are the byproduct of the natural process of decomposition of the two densest subtle bodies. Earthbound spirits have left behind their etheric and astral bodies, and are formed of extremely subtle energy.

Earthbound Spirits can be communicated with by someone with a reasonable degree of mediumistic ability, and will sometimes get stuck to human beings despite lacking etheric and astral bodies, because human beings also have higher subtle bodies, however Earthbound Spirits are unable to manifest upon the physical plane. If you think of the spirit leaving the physical body as stage one of the death process, and the spirit leaving first the etheric than astral bodies as stage two and three, then earthbound spirits are in stage four. At this stage the spirit hasn't necessarily understood it no longer has a physical body, or it doesn't feel it's life has been absolutely completed, therefore it may be totally lost, or feel there is something it absolutely must do before moving into stage five.

Earthbound spirits if they are simply lost and unable to find their way are extremely easy to help (remove) by guiding them through stage five and into stage six. If on the other hand they are not lost and have a purpose in staying near the physical plane, it would never be appropriate to simply move them on against their will, and before they've completed their purpose.

In my experience the best way of helping an earthbound spirit with purpose, is to hand over the task to a high level Guide (Positive non-physical subtle energy life-form), if there is something one can do to aid the process on the physical plane, for example when one is bothering a live human being, the Guide will communicate what needs done, a high degree of finness and humility is needed in these matters as not only does one need to take into account the clients needs and karma but also the Earthbound Spirits, only arrogance would allow one to assume that one was capable of seeing any situation from every and all angles, a high level Guide will always have a much better overview than a mere human.


Non-physical subtle energy life-forms

Non-physical subtle energy life-forms. Just as life fills every nook and cranny on the physical plane, so non-physical subtle energy life-forms fill every nook and cranny of the nonphysical planes, the physical plane is only a tiny speck compared with the nonphysical planes. To list even a tiny percentage of the intelligent energies negative or positive out there would be impossible, simply because most of them have no given name. Luckily despite our arrogance in assuming everything is interested in us, the overwhelmingly vast majority of non-physical subtle energy life-forms, have no interest in us whatsoever. The few negative ones that are interested in us, I've covered in the Demon page, the positive ones I've covered at the bottom of this page.

Astral wildlife

Astral wildlife is a bit of a catchall phrase, usually meaning troublesome but not very intelligent energies that abound within the various levels of the astral. The ones that are attracted to, and congregate near the physical plane are often confused with Fragments, and admittedly at times they can be hard to tell apart if adequate discrimination techniques are not used. This confusion has led to Astral Wildlife getting an undeserved bad reputation, Astral Wildlife rarely interferes with human beings of their own volition, on the other hand, anyone travelling the astral levels is bound to encounter them, if we deliberately swim in shark infested waters, is it the sharks fault we get eaten or our own? On the rare occasions any form of Astral Wildlife impinges upon the physical plane, it is appropriate to compel them to move on, but not destroy them, all types of Astral wildlife are valid forms of autonomous intelligent existence, like you and I, they may at times seem ugly, and not behave in a way we recognise, but they have chosen a form of evolution that is just as valid as our own.

Positive Non-physical subtle energy life-forms.

To understand the difference between positive and negative, nonphysical subtle energy lifeforms, we have to remember we live in a universe expressed in the form of duality, matter non-matter, light dark, physical nonphysical, Ying and Yang. At all levels within the universe there are polar opposites, on this planet we see these opposites in action for example in the form of life and death, decomposition and rebirth. In the universe stars and even galaxies are ripped apart only for the dust and gases etc to reform into new stars and galaxies. At each stage there are intelligent forces guiding these processes, some of the highest positive forces we are familiar with are the Angels, who orchestrate the birth and life of matter. Conversely some of the most powerful negative forces we are familiar with, we call Demons who orchestrate the death and destruction of matter.

Though angels fall into one of the most powerful groupings of positive energy in the universe they are most definitely interested in humanity, as they are with all physical lifeforms. The equivalent Demons at this level have virtually no interest in us whatsoever, we are less to them, than an Ameba is to most of us.

Towards the other end of the scale are subtle energy lifeforms many of us are familiar with in the form of Guides. Guides come in many different forms, we each have a personal Guide who at some point in its past has themselves been a being with a body. They perform the task of a friend trying to keep us on the straight and narrow, with advice and guidance using wisdom a few stages beyond our own. Sadly they are rarely listened to, though in some special circumstances they can and do remind us they are continually with us.

There are also specialist guides, also with wisdom a few stages beyond our own, who are willing to help us when asked.

And beyond them, there are many energies willing to function as Guides with wisdom beyond imagination, who can perform what most people would consider the miraculous. What separates this level of guide from the personal and specialist guides, is their level of spiritual evolution, personal and specialist guides have reached the stage where they no longer incarnate into physical form, preferring to continue to evolve by helping others, whilst the former have their own tasks to perform and only turn their attention towards us when approached by us. It would be fruitless to try to split these energies into understandable categories and to discuss the tasks they perform because there are more of them than there are human beings who have ever incarnated upon this planet.

Equally there are roughly the same number of negative energies performing their tasks. Only when negative energies, and occasionally positive energies, forget their purpose and slip into a form of unconsciousness towards the whole, ( one could call this God ) do they become likely to turn their attention towards us.



Elementals often impinge upon human beings, and therefore must be included in any serious debate about nonphysical lifeforms.

One can think of Devas as the localised guiding intelligence behind areas of land.

I find it amusing that most people believe in ghosts, though not elementals, ghosts are fairly rare and yet elementals are all around us all the time. Anybody and especially those who have seen a ghost or had some kind of paranormal experience are capable of perceiving or experiencing elementals. The only difference between a person who is capable of seeing ghosts, and someone who is not, is the person who sees them has a slightly better developed sixth sense, or to put it another way, they are slightly more psychic than others. And so I believe many experiences of the paranormal are in fact experiences of elementals.

On a number of occasions when I have been asked to deal with paranormal activity in homes etc the problem has turned out to be elementals. Always assuming paranormal activity is caused by ghosts etc, may explain why paranormal activity is sometimes hard to stop completely.

I never force elemental energies out of an environment, because they have just as much right, if not more right, to be there than we do. In the vast majority of cases one can come to a mutually acceptable accommodation between the human occupant and the elemental occupant. All that's needed is a degree of sensitivity and compassion when dealing with elementals. I have included two examples of this at the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately when most of us think of elementals we think of fairies and elves etc. Yes these are elementals. However unfortunately in most western societies at least, the belief in elementals has been so successfully ridiculed as part of the early Christian Church's drive to enculturate all populations it encountered, that, despite humanities natural ability to perceive and interact with the elemental energies, generally we suppress and refuse the input from our senses. This disallows us perceiving elemental energy by what ever name whether it be Deva, Faerie, Fairies, Elf or any other named division within the elemental kingdom.

Of course children have no such self-imposed filters, and so easily perceive elementals, and then anthropomorphise them into the traditional Faerie image, soon enough though adults as well as older children convince them there is nothing there.

An adult willing to cast aside the self-imposed filters and sit for a few moments in any natural environment can easily perceive elementals. One may see flashes of light in the corner of ones eye, or perhaps even begin to see what appears to be somewhat like a localised heat haze moving about. Regardless of the individual experience, only repeated experience in a number of locations will convince one, one is experiencing something over and above normal perception.

Even amongst those who do take the elemental kingdom seriously most assume individual energies are always at worst benign and at best always positive, sadly this is not the case. Elemental energies can and do act in what we may feel is a negative fashion. Humans build upon, occupy and or farm any area available, regardless of the original inhabitants, the elementals. This can be very distressing for the elementals and on occasions they fight back. Lacking physical bodies they cannot harm us significantly in a physical manner, though when they do it can be quite harrowing for the individual tormented. They can also do us harm both emotionally and energetically. At one end of the scale if you have ever felt fear in the pit of your stomach for no apparent reason, whilst walking in the countryside, you have felt the effect of an elemental trying to dissuade you from being there. At the other end of the scale some individuated elementals will torment people. Including sometimes those close to death, presumably for past misdeeds, either personal or collective.

As the person involved loses their filters in preparation for passing over, they become more and more aware of the greater reality, you will have heard of people on their deathbed reporting they are surrounded by dead relatives, who have come to help. The tormenting elemental energies can take great delight in disturbing this process. Without harming the elemental energies it can be very difficult to remove them. The best way I have found so far, is to contact the Deva (the largerest and most powerful elemental in the area), and ask them to intercede on behalf of the dying person, something they are usually very willing to do.

Elemental energies will also on occasion torment individuals at any stage of their life, I have come across cases where people have been scratched, thrown around or even molested whilst in bed. This kind of activity is not restricted to elementals alone, though when it is elementals, it can be some of the most difficult phenomena to deal with for a number of reasons. Firstly because the elemental energies often consider a human to be the intruder, and in cities in particular, it can be hard to find a Deva willing to stop the smaller elementals misbehaving. Secondly the humans they tend to torment will be the most psychic individuals in any given building, unless they can be taught to close themselves down completely, even after the tormenting has been stopped, they will still be aware of elemental activity around them, and often interpret this as a lessening, though continuation of the tormenting. Fortunately it is only ever the smaller individuated elementals that behave in this manner, the larger and more powerful and dominant elementals (Devas), have a much greater overview of human behaviour, and are therefore able to forgive us our transgressions to the point they are nearly always willing to help, if asked.

Though the elementals can cause at worst physical, mental and emotional harm it is worth remembering, if humans individually or in groups, honour and cherish the local elementals, they are more than willing to reciprocate, and often go much further, keen gardeners for example would be well advised to work with the elementals to achieve spectacular results, both with vegetables and flowering plants and shrubs.

Below are two examples of working with the elemental energies.

On one occasion we found ghosts, geopathic stress and Devic activity all at the same time. The unfortunate owners of the property were at their wit's end. Their health was deteriorating, their personalities were changing, after thirty years of happy married life they now fought all the time. After moving in, all their friends and all but one close relative began to refuse to come to the house. They had endless squabbles with their neighbours starting before they’d even unpacked, and their attempts at reselling the property met with failure. No plants would grow in the house, even cut flowers died in a day. The geopathic stress lines crossed over their bed and other lines crossed in a room used as an office for the man’s business, which was failing. With so many geopathic stress lines dissecting the house, no room was left entirely untouched.

The person who suggested they contact us had suspected a GS component and also suggested they contact Dulwich Health and have the house checked for geopathic stress. This was done and a Raditech GS neutraliser arrived a few days before we did. The first night it was installed temporarily, using plastic tape to hold it upright against a filing cabinet in the office. In the morning they found it ripped from the cabinet, unplugged and lying in the hall a few feet from the office door. It seemed the ghosts didn’t take kindly to having the GS neutralised!

We arrived to find them terrified, and started identifying and communicating with the ghosts, some of them shouting obscenities at us. When this was reported to the woman of the house, she told us these were exactly the things her husband had started saying to her some months before. We gathered the ghosts up and removed them. Afterward as we sat in their lounge checking everything was done. Something else started to communicate from outside of the house, though we couldn’t see it from the room. Not having been in the rear garden, we were told by the communicating energy that there was a very old oak tree being choked to death by ivy. Our invisible contact was very upset that the oak was dying needlessly. The owners of the house confirmed there was indeed a large ivy-covered oak. At the request of the "energy", they agreed to remove the ivy and plant four more oaks, one on each corner of the property. As soon as the agreement was made, the atmosphere in the house changed, by the time we left, the home felt completely different. A few weeks later we received a thank you card saying everything was now normal in the household and the owners were getting on with life.

In another location we found no ghosts or geopathic stress at all, though again we were contacted by an elemental energy. The owners of the house had been trying to sell it for two years; they hadn’t even had a single viewing from a prospective buyer, even though the house was competitively priced and other houses in the same road had sold without problem. Finding nothing but a strange atmosphere we asked for a piece of string and a small object to make a pendulum. The owners brought out a plumb line with weight and as we stood discussing the overall problem. One of us had the plumb line dangling from their fingers, with the weight almost touching the ground. Suddenly someone noticed the line, far from hanging vertically, it was hanging at a thirty degree angle away from his leg. Which caused a great deal of consternation to the owners. As we had already checked for ghosts and poltergeists we knew that wasn’t the answer, so we changed the vibration we were using to investigate the house to one more suited to communicating with elemental energies. Again a deal was struck between the owners and the Deva. The owners welcomed their first prospective buyer the next week and the sale was agreed shortly after that. We tried to contact them a few months later by phone, but reached the new owners. Who told us they had left without even leaving a forwarding address for mail. Judging by their reaction to both the plumb weight incident and having to deal with a Deva, something totally out of their normal range of expectation and belief system. We suspect they just wanted to get as far away from the place as quickly as possible and forget the whole incident!

Sources~Various Website, Books, and Personal Experience



What is a ghost?

Ghosts-apparitions of dead people or sounds associated with invisible human beings, are the surviving emotional memories of people. They are people who have not been able for one reason or another to make the transition from their once physical state into the world of the spirit.

Their state is one of emotional shock caused by sudden death or great suffering and because of it the individuals involved cannot understand what has happened to them. They are not able to see beyond their own immediate environment or problems so they are forced to continually relive those final moments of agony until someone breaks through and explains things to them.

Those who die normally under conditions of adjustment need not go through this agony and they seem to pass on rapidly into the next dimension of consciousness.

The big difference in a poltergeist experience and either an apparition or haunting is that in general poltergeists events are centered around one or more particular persons, whereas an apparition generally appears in one particular place, and the haunting is directly related to a location or object.

Of course there have been exceptions reported. Poltergeists tend to occur in one place, but usually when the living person {or persons} is present in that location. Apparitions have been, on a few occasions, reported to follow a particular person around. And if and object that is haunted is moved to a new location, the phenomenon may continue.

For some reason, unfortunately, it is more difficult for an apparition to speak than merely appear. Seeing an apparition is more common than almost any other apparitional/spirit encounter, with perhaps the exception of merely sensing the presence of another entity. In looking over the reported cases of apparitions, one would notice that ghosts DO NOT look like white-sheeted, cloudy figures, nor are they green goblin figures. In fact, the way an apparition does appear is often more startling than what is related in those old ghost stories. Ghosts look like people, like you and me. Sometimes they may be a bit fuzzy around the edges, or a bit see- through, but in general apparitions look like solid citizens.

In some encounters one may not even realize they are looking at an apparition, until the figure suddenly vanishes before their eyes. Apparitions have a habit of appearing and disappearing from ones view. Besides appearing and disappearing mysteriously, these figures also exhibit bits of less-than-normal behavior. They can it appears walk or transport themselves through solid objects like walls and doors, or appear in midair levitating their forms off the ground, or of course appear in various states of clarity, fuzzy-focus one moment, sharp and solid the next.

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