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Alien Abduction: The act of having been taken, kidnapped or abducted by creatures or beings from a different planet or galaxy.
Aliens: Creatures or beings that come from other planets, galaxies, universes or even a different dimension. Sometimes referred to as extra-terrestrials.
Amulet: An object that is worn, believed to have the ability or power to ward off evil spirits, witchcraft or disease. Jewelry worn for protection against things considered to be bad.
Angel: A spiritual or celestial being superior to humans in power and intelligence sent to earth as a messenger, protector, or to help someone in their transition to the afterlife.
Anomalous Phenomena: Any strange naturally occurring phenomena that science cannot define or explain.
Anomaly: Something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified. An irregular image that appears on either photo’s or video’s taken by film or digital media.
Apparition: The appearance or image of a deceased person. Often seen from a distance or in the peripheral vision. A full bodied apparition shows the whole body. More commonly, a partial apparition will only appear as a portion of the body such as, from the waist up, arms, or legs. Apparitions can appear to “float” without contacting the ground. They can appear as white, gray, or a solid black.
Apport: The sudden appearance of an object or objects that previously disappeared during a haunting, that seem to come from nowhere.
Archangel: An order or hierarchy of angels. In medieval angelology, archangels were high ranking angels who belonged to the eighth of the nine ranks of the Celestial Hierarchy.
Pseudo-Dionysus, a scholar gave us possibly one of the best known forms of the Celestial Hierarchy.
1) Michael-Who is as God, patron of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police and sickness.
2) Gabriel-God is my strength, patron of communications and postal workers.
3) Raphael-God has healed, patron of travelers.
4) Uriel-Fire of God.
5) Chamuel-He who sees God.
6) Jophiel-Beauty of God.
7) Zadkiel-Righteousness of God.
8) Raguel-Friend of God
9) Remiel-Mercy of God.
10) Sariel-Command of God.
11) Raziel-Secret of God.
Asport: The disappearance or movement of an object or objects during a haunting that will reappear again at a later time.
Astral Body: The astral body refers to the concept of a *subtle body which exists alongside the physical body, as a vehicle of the soul or higher consciousness. It is usually understood as a being of an emotional nature and, as such, it is equated to the desire body or emotionl body.
However, some philosophies conceive that the astral body is a body made of ether, the soul body, built by each endividual during the current **evolutionary stage, which is said to give support to the desire, emotional, body during the ***astral projection.
New Age thought incorporates many ****thoesophical ideas, including the concept of subtle bodies and planes of existence. While there is no consensus position, the general idea is that the Astral body corresponds to the astral plane which is sometimes also refered or called the 5th dimension. The astral body is also widely understood here as the subtle body in which astral projection or OBE occurs. The term "light body" is sometimes used in this context.
*Subtle Body: According to the teachings of Yoga and various esoteric, occult and mystical teachings, human beings are constituted not only by a gross physical form but by a series
of energetic psycho-spiritual subtle bodies each of increasing subtlety and metaphysical
**Spiritual Evolutions: The philosophical, theological, esoteric or spritual idea that nature and human beings and/or human culture evolve along a predetermined cosmological pattern or ascent, or in accordance with certain pre-determined potentials.
***Astral Projection: A paranormal interpretation of an out-of-body experience achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or meditation.
****Theosophy: A doctrine of religious philosophy and metaphysics originating with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. In this context, theosophy holds that all religions are attempts by the "spiritual heirarchy" to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each religion therefor has a portion of the truth.
Astral travel/projection: This is a process in which a human spirit can travel outside the physical body. Also known as Out Of Body Experience, OBE or OOBE
Automatic Writing: The ability to write messages or text without being consciously aware of what is being written. Often times automatic writing is done with the assistance from spirits, spirit guides, Angels or other spirit beings. Often used in conjunction with trying to channel a spirit or entity into yourself. This can be dangerous. As with all channeling methods you are opening a doorway and have no control over who or what may come through, and no way to make it leave and “close the door”.
Afterlife - Life after our physical bodies die.

Agent - (1) Person who attempts to communicate information to another in an ESP experiment. (2) The subject in a psycho kinesis experiment. (3) Person who is the focus of poltergeist activity.

Amorphous - Having no definite form or shape, spirits and ghosts often appears in mist-like forms or shapes.
Anomalies -Deviation from the normal.
Apparition - The phenomenon where a spirit takes on a physical form that can be seen.
Apport -The arrival of object during a sťance or a haunting, these can be animate or inanimate.
Asport -The disappearance of objects that reappear elsewhere or not at all. (Dematerialization)
Astral Projection - When the spirit travels outside the body to either the astral plane or another location on this plane. This is also referred to as an O.B.E.
Aura -The emanation of energy that surrounds all living things.
Automatic Writing - Phenomena by which people write without conscious thought.
Automatism -A process in which the subconscious communicates with the conscious by means of a vehicle such as a Ouija Board, automatic writing, or pendulum swinging.
Ball Lightning: An unusual phenomena and exceedingly varied in form. Typical descriptions include a spherical shape of any color and ranging in size from a marble to a football. Normally the appearance of ball lightning coincides with a thunderstorm. The phenomenon can materialize within confined spaces and buildings and their duration can be anywhere from seconds to minutes. It is common for the spheres of ball lightning to appear as if they have a "sense" of direction or "purposeful" motion rather that simply drifting around.
Banshee: Found in Scottish and Irish folklore, this is a female spirit which is believed to be an omen of impending death. It is said that when a banshee is heard outside a home, wailing, screaming or groaning, someone will die within the residence.
Base Line Readings-BLR: The recording of environmental conditions at the onset of an investigation. Such conditions include temperature, electro magnetic fields, humidity, etc. Used as a control to judge changes during the investigation.
Black Eyed Kids: Children or younger appearing spirits that have eyes black as coal with no sign of an iris or pupil, said to be possible demons or ghosts. A feeling of dread or uneasiness is often felt when in proximity or contact with one of these beings. There has never been and explanation as to why the eyes are black but it is thought to be representative of evil.
Banshee - A death omen in Irish folklore that manifests to herald an upcoming death.
Often heard singing and wailing.
Benign Spirit - A spirit that is not harmful.
Bigfoot – A mythical bulky, hair covered, humanoid which appears to possess both human and ape-like characteristics.
Bilocation- Bilocation - Being (or appearing to be) in two different places at the same time.
Case Study: An in depth investigation of an individual subject or haunting. An intensive analysis of an individual or location stressing developmental factors in relationship to environment in respect to paranormal activity.
Celestial: Relating to, or referring to the Divine, Heaven, the Spirit or a Heavenly place. A god or and angel. The term, Celestial Bodies is used when describing the planets and galaxies as they also refer to the heavens and the sky.
Clairaudience: Means clear hearing, a psychic ability which enables someone to hear voices or noises unheard by other people.
Clairgustance: Means clear tasting, a psychic ability which enables someone to experience a sense of taste associated with a spirit.
Clairvoyance: Means clear seeing, a psychic ability to see an object, people or events not perceived by the 5 senses.
Contagion: The action of being followed by a paranormal entity, such as an earthbound spirit from an investigation or a haunted location.
Cold Spot: A small localized or defined area of intense cold, dropping at least 10 degrees colder than the surrounding area that can not be explained by natural, mechanical or scientific causes. Example, drafty windows or doors, vent systems, breezes or weather conditions.
In the paranormal field it is believed that when an entity is trying to manifest itself it will draw on energy sources, one being the heat energy that is found in the air. As the entity draws the heat out of the air to manifest, that specific location will experience a temperature drop.
Crisis Apparition: Visions of a person or people, to a loved one or close friend, who at the time of their appearance are experiencing some form of crisis or illness. The sick or dying person will send out an image, telepathically, of themselves to someone they have had a close relationship with.
Crossroads: A point where two roads intersect believed to hold supernatural energy.

Cryptozoology: The study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals such as Sasquatch , the Skunk Ape, Mothman, etc. usually in order to evaluate and substantiate the possibility of their existence.
Crystals: A body that is formed by the solidification of a chemical element, a compound, or a mixture and has a regular repeating internal arrangement of its atoms and often external planes. Formed in caves, cavities or hollows in the earths surface, growing from natural solutions in a fixed pattern. This pattern will vary with the different types of crystals. The crystals patterns are believed to interact with a persons aura or energy field producing many different benefits. Crystals are often used in healing or communicating during a seance.
Agate-Calming and/or general healer.
Amethyst: Spiritual gem, general healer, helps insomnia, stress conditions or nervousness.
Blue Lace Agate: Helps clear mental and emotional conflict, and calming.
Moss Agate: Helps memory, good for energy, general tonic, helps the skin, blood and digestion.
Jasper: Helps the kidneys, liver, epilepsy, and improves the sense smell.
Malachite: For asthma, rheumatism, and ulcers.
Quartz: Energy giving crystal, good for development, general healer.
Rose Quartz: Relieves migraines and headaches, aids the imaginations and calms the emotions.
Turquise: Absorbs harmful vibrations, a sacred stone and a great protector.
Calling Ghosts - These are ghosts that call out the name of the living in order to get their attention.
Channeling - The process that mediums use for communication with the deceased.
Chupacabra - Spanish for Goat sucker.
Clairvoyant - Someone with the psychic ability to see events or people which have not occurred yet.
Clairaudient -The psychic ability to hear voices and sounds that are inaudible to the normal human ear.
Clairsentient -The psychic ability to feel things that are not normally felt by most people.
Cleansing- A less religious form of exorcism that is done to remove spirits.
Cold Spot - An area where the temperature is lower than the surrounding environment. Cold spots are believed to be created when a ghost is presence within that area.
Collective Apparition – An apparition seen by several people at the same time.

Crypto Zoology - The study of rumored animals that are presumed to exist, but for which conclusive proof does not yet exist, or for animals which are generally considered extinct, but are occasionally reported.
Death: The point in time where all life sustaining functions cease, believed to be when a person either passes on to the next "plane", or remains on the earthly "plane" as a spirit or ghost.
Deathbed Visions: This is a situation that occures at ones death where they are visited by a family member or friend that has already passed or died. Believed to be helping the dying person cross over to the other side, or to be helping the dying person with the transition from life to death. There have been documented cases where people dying will speak to or see other people not visible in the room that have already died.
Debunk: When a simple and logical non-paranormal explanation can account for a reported paranormal event. Even when a genuine paranormal is encountered, because of the ambiguity, an investigator has to reply on the debunking method as a scientific means of explanation.
Deja vu: The feeling of remembering scenes and events when experiencing them for the first time. A feeling that one has seen or heard something before. Something overly or unpleasantly familiar.
Delayed Crisis Image: The appearance of an apparition of someone that has died, hours after their demise. Seeing a person hours after their death.
Dematerialize: To lose or appear to lose form, solidity or material substance. To disappear or fade from visual existence.
Demon: A being or spirit which is said to have not resided on earth in the form of a human. A source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin. An attendant power or spirit.
Demonic Haunting: A haunting by a spirit or entity of power that is not from a human form. Often, these hauntings will start out relatively simple and escalate quickly to stronger activity. Most often affects people or families that are already under great personal stress from conditions such as drug or alcohol use. emotional problems or psychological problems, family or marital problems. The entity will take advantage of the weakened psychological and emotional condition or state of mind.
Demonology: The study of demons.
There are specific "rules" set forth by God that govern what demons can and cannot do. This is scriptural. Some of these rules are, as translated:
1. Demons would like nothing more than to sweep across the Earth and literally destroy all mankind. God does not allow that.
2. Demons cannot appear in whole/natural human form. They must have some obvious deformity, a missing limb or other body part, a twisted, grotesque face, etc.
3. Demons do not know the future
4. Demons have to be invited in to your life either directly by calling for them, seeking them out, or by allowing them in which is why techniques as seances and Ouija Boards are dangerous.
Demonic Possession: The act by which a demonic spirit takes over a human being. Can also be in the form of a location where a demonic spirit will take over a building or house, etc
Disembodied Voice: A voice that is heard and has no known source or explanation.
Doppelganger: A spiritual or ghostly double or counterpart of a living person, especially one that haunts its human counterpart.
Dowsing: The ability to use a pair of rods, often metal, to locate sources of energy or most commonly, water.
In the paranormal field, Dowsing Rods are used to locate energy sources that could be of a paranormal nature.
Deja`Vu - A person's feeling that current events have been experienced before.
Deep Trace Medium - A psychic who allows a spirit to enter their body so that the spirits can communicate through them.
Dematerialization - The paranormal fading or disappearance of a physical object.

Discarnate - A spirit that exists without a physical body.
Discernment - The ability to feel or perceive something with the use the mind and the senses.
Disembodied - A spirit that is functioning without a body.
Disembodied Voice - A voice that is heard that comes from no physical body, also known as EVP.
Divination - Obtaining of future events and/or the unknown by the use of outside forces.
Earthbound Spirit: A spirit bound to the earth plane usually referred to as a Ghost. This can occur for several reasons, an individual may not realize they have died, they may be afraid to move on to the next dimension, they may feel they have unfinished business or they feel they still need to provide or protect loved ones.
Ectoplasm: An ethereal substance associated with the manifesting or dematerializing of a spirit or ghost. The transparent presence of a ghost or spirit. Ectoplasm usually appears in photo's as a thick white smoke or mist in nearly straight lines. A substance held to produce spirit materialization and telekinesis.
Entity: A generic term used to define a paranormal spirit, ghost, or object.
E.V.P: Electronic Voice Phenomena: Believed that a spirit, ghost or soul can communicate from the "other side", this is a process by which these communications are picked up on an electrical audio recorder. Usually with "white noise" in the background, these communications or voices are not heard by an investigator at the time of recording.
Something that is heard during the analysis of the information collected during an investigation on an audio recorder.
The hearing of unexplainable voices from an investigation that were not audible by the human ear during the investigation. The ability to record voices from an unexplainable source on an audio recorder, answering machine, TV, or other electronic devices.
Ectoplasm - A substance that emanates from a medium during a trance. It often appears as a mist-like or vapor substance. It can be seen moving, often faces and other forms can been seen in it.
Electromagnetic Field (EMF) - An electric and magnetic energy that radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - The use of audio equipment to capture voices and sounds of the dead where there are no physical presences in the area where the recordings are being taken.

EMF Detector - A device that measures and detects changes in the electromagnetic field.
Empath - Someone who shows considerable empathy psychically.
Evocation -The summoning of spirits by usage of ritual, gesture, or verse of incantation.
Exorcism -The expulsion of ghosts, demons, spirits or other entities that are believed to be disturbing or possessing a person or a place that people frequent.
Extra-Terrestrials- Life forms originating on planets other than our own.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) - The ability to receive information about past, present or future events that can not be obtained through the normal senses. These include telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition.

Gauss Meter - A device that is used to measure the electromagnetic field, also referred to as EMF detectors or magnetometers.
Ghost: A disembodied soul, the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world and or to appear to the living in bodily likeness. A spirit of a dead person believed to haunt a person or previous residence or location. Ghost - A ghost is believed to be the soul or the life force of a person.
Ghost Lights - Closely resembling orbs, but are much larger and brighter in appearance.

Ghost Ship -The appearance of a ship that has been know to have wrecked or disappeared years or centuries before to fore warn of a pending disaster.

Globule - A larger "Glob" of orb.
Haunted - A person, place or an object to which a spirit is attached. The spirits can be human or inhuman in nature.
Haunting - Paranormal phenomena such as apparitions, unexplained sounds, smells or other sensations that are associated over a lengthy period of time with a specific location.
Incubus -A demonic entity capable of sexually arousing and sometimes assaulting women.
Infestation - Repeated and persistent paranormal phenomena.

Intelligent Haunting - Paranormal activity that takes place around a person or location that is caused by an intelligent or conscious spirit.
Indirect Voice- Mediumistic phenomenon in which the discarnate entity appears to speak using the vocal apparatus of the medium.
Invocation - Summoning spirits.
Levitation -The raising of a person or object into the air without any visible means.

Light Trance Medium - A person whom spirits can communicate through without going into a deep trance state.
Lycanthropy -The transformation of a person into the form of a wolf.

Macro-PK -Psychokinetic effects that can be directly observed rather than only inferred from statistical analysis.

Malevolent - A malevolent spirit is one that wishes to do harm.
Malicious - These spirits will destroy or damage things of a personal or financial value for the sake of hurting others.
Manifestation -The appearance or taking of form of an entity.

Materialization -The formation of a visible physical form of a spirit.
Matrixing- When the mind attempts to manifest images as something they are not.

Medium - A person that acts as a bridge between the living and the dead.

Metaphysics - The study of that which is beyond the laws of physics.
Near-Death Experience (NDE)- Experiences of people after they have been pronounced clinically dead, or been very close to death.
Necromancy - The practice of communicating with the dead to obtain knowledge of the future, others' secrets, and so forth.
Occultism - Esoteric systems of belief and practice that assume the existence of mysterious forces and entities.
Orb - A spherical shaped, translucent mass of energy resembling a ball or globe of light.
Ouija Board - A game board that is used to communicate with spirits.
Outward Manifestation - The physical manifestation of paranormal activity.
Paranormal - Phenomena which seem to defy the known laws of science.
Parapsychology- Refers to the study of paranormal phenomena.
Phantom - An apparition or a specter. Existing only as an energy form.
Phantomania - Paralysis that occurs when someone is under attack from supernatural or preternatural forces, also known as psychic paralysis.
Planchette -The triangular instrument used as a pointer to answer questions on a Ouija board.
Poltergeist - A German words that means "Noisy or mischievous ghost." A destructive spirit that has the ability to move objects by solidifying the ambient air which results in the movement and/or teleportation of objects.
Possession-Refers to cases in which a person's body is apparently taken over by another personality or entity.
Pareidolia: The act by which the brain incorrectly interprets patterns of light, shadows or textures as being familiar patterns such as faces, or human forms, usually observed through the peripheral vision area.
Pentagram: The magical diagram, such as the Seal of Solomon, consists of a five pointed star, which is the representation of man aswell as the five elements. Considered by occultists to be the most potent means of conjuring spirits, the pentagram is said to protect against evil spirits.
Planchette: A device or pointer used with a Ouija Board, used to communicate with spirits or ghosts.
Poltergeist: A noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises, moving object and sometimes destructive. They have been known to play pranks.
Precognition: Having knowledge of an event prior to the event happening.
Premonition: The insight or forewarning of a future event or activity.
Presence: The feeling that an unseen person, spirit, being or ghost is nearby, being there without your knowledge.
Preternatural: Associated with inhuman, demonic, or diabolical spirits or forces.
Precognition - Knowledge of pending future events.
Premonition - Feeling or warning about future events.
Psychic - A person with the ability to see, hear and feel by the use of senses other than the natural senses.
Psychic Attack - An attack that can either be physical or mental by a spirit.
Reincarnation - The belief that some aspect of a person's being survives death and can be reborn in a new body at some future date.
Residual Haunting- Believed to be a psychic imprint of a scene that keeps repeating itself. With this type of haunting no interaction with the ghost occur.
Retroactive Psycho Kinesis - Paranormal influence that an agent can have on an experiment after it has been completed.

Retro Cognition - Paranormal knowledge of past events.
Shadow People: Shadows referring to the possible paranormal apparition which appears as a dark human form manifestation. The true nature of this type of paranormal event is still unknown and is the subject of much research.
Sixth Sense : The power of perception independent of the 5 senses, touch, sight, smell, taste, or feel.
Skeptic: A person disposed to having no decision on the validity of the paranormal, usually discrediting any evidence available. A person that is yet undecided as to what is true.
A great asset to an investigative team being able to broaden the thought process.

Shape-Shifting- Paranormal ability to assume the form of another person, an animal or other entity.
Sleep Paralysis - A state of seeming to be awake but unable to move.
Specter - A ghost or apparition.

Spirit - Spirits are believed to exist in an invisible realm that can only be seen under certain circumstances or by people with special abilities.
Spontaneous Human Combustion- Refers to cases in which a badly burned human body has been discovered in circumstances suggesting that the fire originated spontaneously in or on the body of the victim.
Stigmata - Unexplained markings on a person's body that correspond to the wounds of Christ.
Subliminal Perception -Perceiving without conscious awareness.
Succubus - A demonic entity said to inspire lust in men and then assaulting them.
Telekinesis- Where objects are remotely displaced and moved around, solely by the powers of the mind.
Telepathy - The ability to communicate directly through mind-to-mind contact and to perceive information directly from another's mind, without resorting to the use of the five known senses.
Teleportation - Paranormal transportation of objects to a distant place.
U.F.O. - An unidentified flying object.
Ufology: The study of unidentified flying objects.
Vortex,Vortexes, Vortices: A concentrated area of high electromagnetic energy, usually brief in nature, found in photographs taken at paranormally active locations. They often appear as solid opaque white or silver tubes, elongated ovals or rods. They often have the appearance of being braided like a rope and care has to be taken to ensure it is not a camera strap. A vortex is not a spirit, ghost or entity but it is believed in the paranormal field that a vortex is a momentary portal or doorway to another dimension or realm that allows entities and other paranormal phenomena to enter into our world of existence. From the scientific approach, it is believed vortexes are associated and linked to the earth's own electromagnetic field.Vortex - This is a swirling funnel shape when in motion. They can also appear long and narrow and having a tread like design. Some theorize this is a vehicle to transport spirits in the shape of orbs from their realm to ours.
White Noise - A hiss-like sound, formed by combining all audible frequencies,White Noise: A heterogeneous mixture of sound waves extending over a wide frequency range. The sound covers and combines all wavelengths and frequencies. In this manner it is like the color White which is a combination of all colors. Hence the name, White Noise. A constant background noise used in the paranormal field to set a "norm" for the collection of all sound waves for the use in Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP's.
Wiccan: A religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of western Europe that affirms the existence of supernatural power, as magic, and of both male and female deities who inhere in nature and emphasizes ritual observances of seasonal and life cycles. A reconstruction of the Nature worship of tribal Europe, influenced by Nature worship traditions of other tribal peoples from many parts of the world.
Also know as; Goddess worshippers, witchcraft, Norse, Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Earth Religion, Druidism and Shamanism.
Will O the Wisps: Also known as Ghost Lights, Will O the Wisps are frequently assumed to be natural phenomena, such as pockets of swamp gas that hover and rise over swamps, ignite by natural causes and glow blue and green. Also known as corpse candles, foxfire, elves’ light, and ignis fatuus, which is Latin for foolish fire. Some believe the lights to be Omens of bad luck or death
Wraith: A spirit or ghost that returns to avenge their own death.

GHOUL: A spirit that feeds on corpes or person of morbid interests.
GHOST: A spirit; wraith; specter; anything vague, shadowy.
PARANORMAL: Not explicable by known scientific laws.
SPIRIT: Person's mind or feelings; soul. Soul separated from the body, as after death ; Ghost or life force.
VORTEX: Whirlpool; whirling mass; anything that engulfs.
GHOST LIGHTS: Often known as Will-o'-the-wisp or Ignis fatuus which is a mysterious light associated with spirits. The will-o'-the-wisp, sometimes will-o'-wisp or ignis fatuus refers to the ghostly lights sometimes seen at night or twilight often over bogs. It looks like a flickering lamp, and is sometimes said to recede if approached.
ORB: Sphere; globe. Ceremonial symbol of royalty.
PARAPSYCHOLOGY:The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, that are inexplicable by science.
DEMON: An evil supernatural being; a devil.
What does the bible say of the dead?
Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.
Daniel 12:2,3


Anchor/Ships -- Hope or Seafaring profession
Angel, Flying- Rebirth; Resurrection.
Angel, Trumpeting- Resurrection.
Angel, Weeping- Grief and Mourning.
Arch - Victory in death.
Arrow- Mortality.
Bird- Eternal life.
Bird, Flying- Resurrection.
Book-Representation of a holy book: i.e. the Bible.
A pair of Holy Books on Mormom (LDS) headstones indicates the Bibleand Book of Mormon
Three Holy Books on Mormom headstones indicates the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants -- all of which are scripture to the LDS Church.
Breasts (Gourds, Pomegranates) - Nourishment of the soul; the church.
Bouquets/Flowers -- Condolences, grief, sorrow
Broken Column -- Loss of Head of Family
Broken Ring -- Family Circle Severed
Buds/Rosebud -- Morning of Life or Renewal of Life
Bugles -- Resurrection and the Military
Butterfly -- Short-lived - Early Death
Candle being Snuffed -- Time, mortality
Cherub -- Angelic
Coffin, Father Time, Picks/Shovels, Darts -- Mortality
Columns and Doors- Heavenly entrance.
Corn -- Ripe Old Age
Cross -- Emblem of Faith
Crossed Swords -- High-ranking military person
Crown- Glory of life after death.
Cup or Chalice- The Sacraments.
Dove- Purity; Devotion.
Dove, Flying- Resurrection.
Drapes- Mourning; Mortality.
Flame or Light- Life; Resurrection.
Flower- Fragility of life.
Flower, Severed Stem- Shortened life.
Flying Birds -- Flight of the Soul
Fruits -- Eternal plenty
Full-Blown Rose -- Prime of Life
Garland or Wreath- Victory in death.
Grim Reaper- Death personified.
Hand, Pointing Up- Pathway to heaven; Heavenly reward.
Hands, Clapsed- The goodbyes said at death.
Hand of God Chopping -- Sudden Death
Handshakes -- Farewell
Harp -- Praise to the Maker
Heart- Love; Love of God; Abode of the soul; Mortality.
Horns -- The Resurrection
Hourglass- Passing of time.
Hourglass, Flying- Time flies.
Imps -- Mortality
Ivy -- Friendship and Immortality
Lamb- Innocence.
Laurel ---Fame or Victory
Lily or Lily of Valley -- Emblem of Innocence and Purity
Lion- Courage; The Lion of Judah.
Morning Glory -- Beginning of Life
Oak Leaves and Acorn -- Maturity, Ripe Old Age
Open Book/ Bible -- Deceased Teacher, Minister, etc.
Pall- Mortality.
Palm Branch -- Signifies Victory and Rejoicing
Pick- Death; Mortality.
Poppy -- Sleep
Portals -- Passageway to eternal journey
Rod or Staff- Comfort for the bereaved.
Rooster- Awakening; Resurrection.
Roses -- Brevity of earthly existence
Scythe- Death; The divine harvest.
Seashell- Resurrection; Life everlasting; Life's pilgrimage.
Sheaf of Wheat -- Ripe for Harvest, Divine Harvest, Time
Skull- Mortality.
Skull/ Crossed Bones- Death.
Skeleton- Life's brevity.
Snake (Tail in Mouth)- Everlasting life in heaven.
Spade- Mortality; Death.
Stars and Stripes Around Eagle -- Eternal Vigilance, Liberty
Sun Rising- Renewed life.
Sun Shining-Life everlasting.
Sun Setting- Death.
Thistle- Scottish descent.
Thistles -- Remembrance
Tombs -- Mortality
Torch Inverted -- Life Extinct
Tree- Life.
Tree Sprouting- Life everlasting.
Severed Branch- Mortality.
Tree Stump- Life interrupted.
Tree Stump w/Ivy -- Head of Family - Immortality
Tree Trunk- Brevity of life.
Tree Trunk Leaning- Short interrupted life.
Trumpeters -- Heralds of the Resurrection
Urn- Immortality (ancient Egyptian belief that life would be restored in the future through the vital organs placed in the urn).
Urn with /Wreath or Crepe -- Mourning
Urn with Blaze -- Undying Friendship
Weeping Willow Tree- Mourning; Grief; Nature's lament.
Willows -- Earthly Sorrow
Winged Face- Effigy of the deceased soul; the soul in flight.
Winged Skull- Flight of the soul from mortal man.
Wreath- Victory.
Wreath on Skull- Victory of death over life.
Wheat Strands or Sheaves- The divine harvest.
AOF Ancient Order Of Forestters
AOH Ancient Order Of Hibermians
AOKMC Ancient Order Of Knights of Mystic Chain
AOUW Ancient Order Of United Workmen
ALOH American Legion of Honor
BPOE Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
BPOEW Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
CK of A Catholic Kinghts of America
CTAS Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CBKA Commandery Benevolent Knights Association
CCTAS Crusaders-Catholic Total Abstinence Society
EBA Emerald Benficial Assocition
FAA Free and Accepted Amerians
FOE Fraternal Order of Eagles
GALSTPTR German American Leigion of St. Peter
GAR Grand Army of the Republic
GUO of OF Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
IOI Independent Order of Immaculates
IOKP Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows
ISH Independent Sons of Honor
IORM Improved Order of Redmen
JAOUW Junior Order-Ancient Order of United Workmen
JOUAM Junior Order-Order of United American Mechanics
KGL Knight Grand Legion
KM Knights Militant
KC Knights of Columbus
K of C knights of Columbus
K of FM Knights of Father Matthew
KFM Knights of Father Matthew
K of H Knights of Honor
K of L Knights of Loyola
Km Knights of Malta (Masonic)
KMC Knights of Mystic Chain
KPC Knights of Peter Claver
KP Knights of Pythias
K of P Knights of Pythias
KSC Knights of St. Columbkille
KG Knights of St. George
KSTG Knights of St. George
KSTI Knights of St. Ignatius
K of SJ Knights of St. John
KSTJ Knights of St. Joseph
KSL Knights of St. LawrenceKSTM Knights of St. Martin
K of STP Knights of St. Patrick
KSTP Knights of St. Paul
KSTP Knights of St. Peter
KSTT Knights of St. Thomas
K of STW Knights of St. Wencelas
KT Knights of Tabor
K of T Knights of Tabor
KWM Knights of Wise Men
KGE Knights of Golden Eagle
KHC Knights of Holy Cross
KKK Knights of Klu-Klus Klan
KOTM Knights of Macabees
KSF Knights of Sherwood Forest
KT Knights Tempar (Masonic)
LK of A Loyal Knights of America
MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
MWA Modern Woodsmen of America
OUAM Order of United American Mechanics
PM Patriarchs Militant (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
POSA Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
IHSV Red Cross of Constantine (Masonic)
RSTV Rite of St. Vaclara
RSTV Rite of ST. Vita
RK Roman Knights
MRA Royal Arcanum
RAM Royal Arch Masons
SBCL Saint Bonifazius Catholic Union
SBL Society B. Lafayette
SCV Sons of the Confederate Veterans
SAR Sons of the American Revolution
SV Sons of Veterans
TH Temple of Honor-Independent Order of Odd Fellows
UCV United Confederate Veterans
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
UR The Uniform Ranks designation found on many

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