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Ghost in middle of Nativity~
Photograph taken in front of Eielson A.F.B. Chapel
be aware windows are not see through as they are frozen over
at this time of year....
Close ups below....




Photograph of moving mist under cabin taken by, Theresa Jodray
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska



Last summer my husband Jim and myself set out to investigate an old cemetery in Fairbanks, Alaska. I had been asked to check it out due to lots of activity reported around it and in this old historic area. The minute I stepped into this very over grown old cemetery I mentioned to Jim it felt as though someone was next to me. I could feel this presence so close to me as though they were right there. We proceeded to walk around shooting pictures.

Some of the old handmade wooden crosses and headstones were beginning to disintegrate from the weather and time. We had to dig through the tall grass and wild flowers to uncover others. Some of the names now totally worn away. This place had a Gothic feeling and a wild beauty about it. As you walked through this old cemetery you were struck by a feeling of awe at the love put into these headstones handmade with loving care for people now long gone, a tribute to those that have left this realm of existence leaving their physical bodies behind. I've been to cemetery's that have given me an uneasy feeling, but this rugged old place had a peaceful feeling about it, making you want to stay and admire the beauty all around you, remembering those gone long ago.

The whole while I felt this strong presence around me. When we arrived home I started to put the photos into the file in the computer. I was astounded to see the apparition behind me in the photo on the main page of this website. Was this being the guardian of this cemetery? Or are they mine? Was this the presence I felt so close the minute I stepped onto hallowed ground? All I know is I do believe in Angels.

Do you?


This photograph was taken in
Moose Creek, Alaska by, Theresa Jodray..


Screaming Face in woods photograph
taken by, Theresa Jodray at
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska..


Photograph of spirit peeking through basement ceiling
taken in Eielson A.F.B., Alaska by, Theresa Jodray..


Photograph of face in woods taken
in North Pole ,Alaska by, Theresa Jodray


They think this spirits name is John
Photograph taken by, Theresa Jodray
Old Chief's home Eielson A.F.B., Alaska..


Written April 27, 2000 Part 1

When we first moved into our house in base housing, we were told it was an older house that used to be for Chiefs. My first thought was "wow" the basement is huge. A great place for a family room, exercise area, home office and extra bedroom. Generally a wonderful place for me to go and work on my studies, exercise and just get away from the frenzy of everyday life.

I first felt a presence there while I was exercising. The hairs on my arms were standing up on end. It felt as though someone was staring at me. Then my dog Wayland reacted, he stood there, scared stiff, growling looking at the stairway that leads into the basement. Well, I thought "Your just imaging this" and sort of shrugged it off, trying to ignore the impulse to dart out of the room.

As time went on we'd notice our ten year old cat Boris acting as though she was playing with someone, while Wayland continued to bark or growl at thin air whenever down there. Sometimes you'd just feel cold spots, or get that eerie feeling you weren't there alone.

Then one day I walked into the family room when I was overwhelmed with the smell of Old Spice after shave. I recognized this smell as my father had always worn this when he was still in this world. Well, needless to say I quickly walked into the bedroom/office and grabbed the camera off the desk. I asked my husband who was sitting there on the computer to see if he could smell anything in the family room. He thought it smelled liked cologne. Then as the smell started to fade away, we just started taking pictures all over the room.

When we went to see if we could see anything in our photos, sure enough we caught an orb right where the smell had been the strongest. Friends and family have mentioned many times when in the basement they've felt uneasy or like someone was watching them. Our son Jimmie, when visiting, loved the big bedroom down there and claimed it as his own but then decided he would rather sleep upstairs. He felt as though someone was always watching him.

My husband, while at work, mentioned this to his boss who was informed by a few people that during the war a serviceman named John, while in Germany, had been killed. His best friend who had been stationed there with him, had shortly after been transferred and moved into our house. It is believed John's spirit had come with him and here he remains!

Since then we've referred to the presence as John. We have continued to catch him in photos. My favorite picture is one I took while working on the computer one day. It felt as though someone touched the back of my neck. I grabbed the camera in front of me on the desk, turned around, and started clicking. In the first shot I caught a thick mist swirling down (Vortex). This is the photo located above this article. In the photos following there is nothing. We've also caught him on film playing with our cat Boris.

We've all accepted sharing our home with this presence (that some think is John), with the exception of Wayland who still growls, barks and stares. He also avoids going into the basement unless called down there. While Boris the cat just likes to play with him, running in circles, hopping or jumping in the air. If looking for Boris, we always know where to look - she's in the basement just hanging out with John.



As you know from Part 1 we have a presence in our home, people on our base refer to as John. We have become quite accustomed to sharing our home with him. The smell of vanilla pipe tobacco often will linger around the house. On occasion you'll see something move out of the corner of your eye. Boris continues to play with her invisible friend. We arent the only ones John has appeared to. The following is an account of such and incident where he affected others lives.

Well our basement wall is connected to the wall of the basement next door. Just recently our neighbors moved, leaving the house empty. A friend of my husbands wife works for the Maintenance Company who cleans and prepares the houses for the next family to move in. She was telling everyone about John and how he lives in our house and the adjoining house they were in. The rest of the crew started to tease her, one man in particular. They mopped and waxed the floor in the basement starting from the adjoining wall to our house on out up the stairs.

They were planning on leaving it to dry for twenty-four hours before base housing came in to inspect it before the new people could move in. When they returned the next day, I guess John had decided to make himself known. Starting from the wall adjacent to our house were footprints. They looked like they were made by a mans combat boot. No one had been in the house after they left the day before and they knew this! Starting from the wall they went across the basement all the way up the wood stairs.

This in itself made them all a believer, but when the man who had been teasing her so much went back down to finish his work he said the hair stood up on the back of his neck and it felt like someone was in there with him. He said he was scared to death. To top all of this off she said all the white rags they had used to clean the home all turned RED! She said they all believed her by the time that they left that day. John had made his presence known, leaving the base maintenance people scared of our home and the house next door.

The funny part to my husband and myself was that night the footprints were supposed to be left we were trying to go to sleep and our cat Boris was acting like she was playing with someone. My husband said okay John that's enough leave us alone and Boris stopped playing.

He told his friend that well I guess he went next door. You see our bedroom is on the other side of the wall where the footprints started!


I mentioned in my last article the presence in our home people referred to as John. Since that time we have found the house to be home to more souls. The two, who like their presence to be known the most often, show up on photos in the form of brilliant red glowing orbs.

These two seem to always be together, in the same room at the same time. Though we've caught them on film in most rooms of the house, they to seem to be in our basement most of the time. I must mention that most of the things in our basement came from my parents home. We live in an old chief's house in base housing and that my father was a retired chief. Passed away in a VA hospital, buried in a VA cemetery. A military man all the way.

Our cat Boris reacts to them very differently than the others. She will just stare at the area they are in and you can bet if you shoot a picture in that direction, you will catch them on film. They have made their presence known in several different ways.

While sitting in the basement one-day working on an assignment from one of my schoolbooks, I noticed Boris jump up and stare at the shelves to my left. At about the same time a scarf that belonged to my mother, which was draped over one of the shelves, began to flip violently up and down. I just froze and watched it jumping around on the shelf till it stopped as quickly as it started. There is no vents or airflow through out the room. Believe me, we checked!

Our foster daughter had complained to us many times that it appeared as though someone was coming in her room at night and sitting on the edge of her bed, waking her up. This always happens around 2a.m. which is the time when they are the most active. Many times myself and my family have woken up with a start at this time. Feeling that all too familiar sensation that someone is theyre watching you. This happens to be around the time of the night ten years ago my mother returned home to our Heavenly Father. My father followed exactly one month later. He told my sister and me and son's that my mother had come to get him. I will always remember him saying that to us. He died the very next day.

Many are the time you'll walk into a room feeling cold spots, or smell a certain scent. They don't give you a feeling of fright though; it's more of a feeling of caring. This is the only word I can think of to describe them. I have discussed this with others who study in this field of Parapsychic Science and have been told when you catch them on film glowing so brilliantly the same color. They are trying to let you know they are a pair, the same. Happily together forever! I would like to believe this, because they certainly put off an almost loving feeling when they are around. A friend of mine thinks theyre my parents, she feels them strongly when here. I hope she's right. I would love to think of them happy together still by my side!

I have attached above a picture of our two glowing presence. We have also caught them in photos with other presence in the photos, but they are the only ones we've shot photos of that illuminate that brilliant red glow.




As all of my regular readers and friends know we moved out of the old chiefs house on base last December. This is the up-date as to what came about after we moved out. When packing up and getting ready to move from the house we now knew was home to more then just us of this plain. We began to smell a rotten smell in the basement. The corner in the basement that my dog Wayland would bark at began to give me the creeps. I knew this spirit was not the one known as John? I would miss sharing our space with him also his antics in the house as we would miss the others. That is all but the one I described as the rotten smelling one.

It smelled like dead rotten flowers when this presence was around a very frightening feel and horrible smell. I felt something bad to do with this one. It would leave when you told it to do so in Jesus name. I was informed many years ago by a bishop that they had to leave you be when told to leave in his name. It certainly worked with this entity. It left pronto when told to leave in this way which made me happy. I did not like the feeling this one gave me and was sure it was the one I first was frightened of when entering the basement years prior.

We also would catch a very small orb in photos that we assumed was the baby that died here many years ago, people who knew of the activity within this home had told us about this baby. Well we packed up and moved out but the following is what happened to the maintenance crew who prepared the house for its next unknowing family. The same lady from part 2 who had prepared the home next door was on the crew to ready our now ex-home for its new arrivals and the following is her experience with the homes see-through friends.

She brought a psychic with her this time into the home they would research the homes background. She found out that yes a baby had died within these walls. Along with a suicide, someone had hung themselves in the basement. Hence the rotten smelling ones origin began. While in the living room of the house the two ladies got the feeling they were being watched. Looking down the hallway into the end bedroom stood and older gentleman who then slowly disappeared before them. Doors opened and shut for the crew while within the home and they caught orbs on film with their cameras. So the saga begins again as the homeowners from a different realm initiate the next residence to live in harmony or not within their old chiefs home in Alaska. Home of World War II hero and resident John.

This article is dedicated to all the men and women who lost their lives in this war and Eielson Airforce Base's resident spirit John.

Theresa Jodray..

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